Witcher 3 PS4 Pro update goes live with checkerboard rendering

Also helps the 1080p faithful, too.

The Witcher 3’s update 1.5 has arrived for PlayStation 4 Pro users everywhere to give a big boost to high resolution performance, including tweaks to frame rendering.

This update adds a checkerboard rendering technique to fill in the gaps caused by upping resolution to 4K screens. The game now renders in 1920x2160 and uses information from prior frames to make it look much, much better on Ultra HD displays.

This fancy update extends to users still sticking with 1080p displays as well, where supersampling gives much greater fidelity to anti-aliased edges and enhanced texture filtering which scales down nicely.

If you’ve been waiting to try out one of the prettiest games of last year on your shiny new Pro then now’s the time!


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