Tips to Beat Nimble the Cloud in Yooka-Laylee

Win the race against Nimble the Cloud using these surefire tips in Yooka-Laylee!

Nimble the Cloud is one of the first characters you’ll meet in Tribalstack Tropics, who’ll immediately challenge you to a race. If you’ve struggled with your first few attempts and just can’t seem to beat her, we have a few tips that will quickly earn you first place.

The thing about Nimble is that she is quick, and nothing seems to slow her pace. If you aren’t paying attention, you’re sure to lose your spot as she blows right past you. With this in mind, here are a few things you can try that will increase your chances of winning dramatically.

Use Reptile Roll

During your race against Nimble, you’ll have to use Yooka and Laylee’s ability called Reptile Roll. This is when Yooka rolls up into a ball, and Laylee propels them forward by running on top of him. The catch is, this move drains Yooka’s stamina so you’ll have to keep his energy up the entire time during the race, or you’re sure to lose.

Catch the Butterflies

In order to keep Yooka’s stamina up and beat Nimble the Cloud, you’ll have to catch the butterflies that periodically appear during the race. The trick to beating her is making sure to grab at least one butterfly every time a group of them appear.

The butterflies have been strategically placed during moments when Yooka and Laylee’s stamina will need a boost, and missing any opportunity to refill that bar will likely end in a loss.

Avoid Obstacles

This tip might be one that goes with saying but it’s worth mentioning that as Nimble the Cloud’s races become more difficult, so will the obstacles.

There will be times you’ll have to jump or quickly roll out of the way of an obstacle and this will reset any of the momentum that you’ve gained prior to that. Being fast, agile, and observant is the key to beating Nimble and winning the race!

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