Yooka-Laylee: All Pagies in Hivory Towers

Start your Pagie collecting off right with this Hivory Towers guide.

In Yooka-Laylee, you can begin collecting Pagies as soon as you reach Hivory Towers. To collect Pagies, you’ll need to know where to look, and which of Trowzer’s signature moves to use.

To help start you off down the proper Pagie path, we’ve put together a quick guide on all Pagie locations in the Hivory Towers section of Yooka-Laylee.

All Pagies in Shipwreck Creek

There are two Pagies that can be collected in the Shipwreck Creek area of Yooka-Laylee.

Before we dive into the Pagies in the Hivory Towers area of Yooka-Laylee, it’s important to head back to Shipwreck Creek as there are two Pagies that can be collected there.

  • The first Pagie in the Shipwreck Creek area of Yooka-Laylee is located near the Bat Ship Crazy. Venture behind the ship and up a dirt ramp toward Blasto the cannon. Use your Buddy Slam move to make him cough up the Pagie.
  • The second Pagie in Shipwreck Creek can be collected by rolling up the steel ramp in second portion on your way to Hivory Towers. After rolling up the ramp, climb along the cliff over the spinning platform to collect the Pagie.

All Pagies in Hivory Towers

A list of all the Pagies hiding in Hivory Towers.
  • The first Pagie is located atop the giant golden Capital B statue in the center of Hivory Towers. Simply climb from platform to platform to reach the top of Capital B’s head to collect the Pagie.
  • The next Page in Hivory Towers can be found locked in a cage in the area before the Tribalstack Tropics Grand Tome. You’ll first need to learn the Slurp Shot move from Trowzer, then will need to slurp up the Fire Seeds to light the torches along the wall to spell out “P-A-G-I-E.”
  • Another Pagie can be found trapped inside of a pipe right above the Tribalstack Tropics Grand Tome. To grab this Pagie, you’ll first need to learn the Reptile Rush move from Trowzer and then use it on the red pipe.
  • In addition to the Pagie atop the golden Capital B statue, there’s another Pagie in this area that can be collected when using Slurp Shot on the Water Seeds to put out the fire with the Pagie inside.
  • In the area near the Glitterglaze Glacier Grand Tome, you’ll find a library known as the Archives behind a glass wall. To reach the Pagie in Yooka-Laylee’s Archives, venture through the correct doors in this order: left door, head to the next level, right door, enter the adjoining room, right door.
  • Above the Glitterglaze Glacier Grand Tome in Yooka-Laylee, you’ll find a Pagie that can be reached by jumping up a series of snow-covered pipes.
  • Another Pagie near the Glitterglaze Glacier Grand Tome can be found being blown between two pipes. You’ll need to learn Trowzer’s Glide move in order to collect this Pagie.
  • Once you’ve collected the Pagie listed above, travel along toward an area past the inept robots. There, you’ll find a beehive behind a barricade. Use the Slurp State move on the beehive to become stick, then race to the end of the path and up a slippery slope to collect the Pagie at the top.
  • A Pagie can be found in the Waterworks section of Hivory Towers near the Moodymaze Marsh Grand Tome. If you look below the water, you’ll spot a Pagie in a cage. Use the Bubble Walk move to press the button and activate a race underwater. Pass through the checkpoints to unlock the Pagie.
  • Another Pagie near the Moodymaze Marsh Grand Tome can be found locked away in a cage. To release it, Buddy Slam down on the button before heading off to catch it.
  • You’ll find another Pagie locked away near a security camera in the area by the Moodymaze Marsh Grand Tome. You’ll need to collect this Pagie without triggering the camera. To do so, find Trowzer on the way to Capital Cashino and purchase the Camo Cloak.
  • The next Pagie can be found in the Novel Hovel room in the area where the Capital Cashino Grand Tome is held. To collect this Pagie, head outside past the Capital Cashino Grand tome, turn right, then head up to Vendi who’s standing atop a series of books. Once there, use the platform near Mr. Blowey to reach the upper area. Inside a room with six large books, you’ll need to push and pull on the right buttons (a chime will let you know the book is on the right button). The correct book position starting on your left is: close, far, far, close, far, close.
  • There’s another Pagie near the Capital Cashino Grand Tome. To collect this Pagie, head past the Capital Cashino Grand Tome to your right, then look for a bridge near some large books. Use your Reptile Rush move against the books to knock them down and trigger a button at the end, opening the door and allowing you to collect the Pagie.
  • There’s a Pagie in one of Rextro’s arcade games near the Archive. You’ll need to use your Sonar ‘Splosion move to break the glass and collect the Pagie.
  • In the area near the Galleon Galaxy Grand Tome, you’ll find a Pagie that can be reached by using the Flappy Flight move to enter a pipe across from the Grand Tome. After heading through the door, race down a track of laser grids and blockades. Keep racing until you learn the track, and remember to slow yourself to avoid hazards.
  • Another Pagie can be grabbed by heading through a toxic gas-filled pipe located before a security camera door that leads to Capital Cashino. You’ll need to learn the Sonar Shield move from Trowzer before you can make it to the end of the tunnel and collect this Pagie.
  • Before the security door heading into Capital Cashino, another Pagie can be found high up in a corridor. This is the area where Trowzer teaches you the Sonar Shield move. Here, you’ll need to use the Flappy Flight move in order to head up to the top of a tunnel full of green sludge and enter a small hole in the wall. There, you’ll find several butterflies and a Pagie in a cage surrounded by five torches. To collect the Pagie, pop the balloons to cause them to drop a letter. Pick up the letters in order to spell out “Pagie.”
  • The last Pagie in the Hivory Towers area of Yooka-Laylee is located in an area outside the Galleon Galaxy Grand Tome before you enter the courtyard via elevator. Here, you’ll find a large door near Vendi with a fan at the end and a Pagie tied up. Use your Reptile Rush move repeatedly in order to reach the Pagie.

There are 2 Pagies in Shipwreck Creek and 18 Pagies in Hivory Towers, making 20 collectible Pagies in total. The most important thing to remember when collecting Pagies in Yooka-Laylee is to have patience and learn as many moves from Trowzer as  you can. If you’re unable to collect a Pagie at one point in the game, mentally mark it then head back to collect it once you’ve learned the proper move.

Fortunately, you won’t have to write anything down because if you read through this guide, you should know know where all of the Pagies are located in Yooka-Laylee’s Hivory Towers!

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