Outlast 2 Walkthrough Part 2 - How to Avoid Enemies, Escape the Cornfield

After losing Lynn again, you’ll need to find a way out of the cornfield while keeping yourself hidden from enemies.

In our previous walkthrough of Outlast 2, we took you through the introductory levels all the way up until your brief reunion with Lynn. Now that Lynn has been taken again, you’ll need to track her down once more all while avoiding enemies, and feeling your way through a creepy cornfield.

Below, we’ve put together part 2 of our Outlast 2 walkthrough to help you complete the game!

Exit the Canyon

After exiting the canyon, a flash of light will appear, and Blake will find himself back in the school from the intro.

With Lynn gone, Blake wakes up in a canyon once more. To exit the canyon, you’ll need to walk forward down the path into an area of water (near a village seated along the river). Be cautious, as there are enemies here. To avoid them, be sure to move slowly while crouched and head down the right-hand side of the river. There, you’ll come across a building with its front door slightly open.

Upon entering the building, continue to move slowly through it. Before you head out the next door and venture across the clearing, you’ll want to pause and wait for the enemy outside to move away. Once he does, head toward the building with the lights on and enter it. A flash of light will appear, and Blake will find himself inside the school from the intro once again.

Make sure you stop and take a look at the strange photo on the teacher's desk.

Move through to the next room and head toward a billboard on the left wall. There, you can grab a recording with your camera. However, when you play it back, you realize nothing is recorded. This is normal, and if you walk up to the billboard, Blake can actually read it aloud. Before you leave, be sure to check the photo on the teacher’s desk.

Once you’ve done so, head toward the back door and open it to enter a hallway. Head right, and continue walking through the spooky, dark hall. At the end, a man will walk in and as you close the distance, you’ll be pushed back. Next, run to the exit, and once you're outside, follow a dirt path in the snow to reach the school’s front gate. The gate needed to exit is on your right. 

Head through the exit, and once you're outside, use the gate on your right.

Upon doing so, you’ll fall through the ground and find yourself back in the real world (or is it?) where an enemy villager will appear. He’ll take you to his house and put you down in his cellar. There, you’ll find a bed, which you should lay down on to continue.

Make it Over the River

Watch out for enemies as you make your way along the river.

Blake wakes up to a crash and the arrival of a woman who’s questioning a man named Ethan. As you listen, you’ll hear they’re talking about you. When the woman leaves, break your way through the cracked planks and head into the main room. Whip out your camera to record Ethan’s body, then play it back.

After listening to Blake’s commentary, exit the house and through the open gate on your right. Next, head down the path on your left and into the river. Keep yourself moving forward on the right side, and eventually you’ll find an old building ahead and to the left. Be careful, as an enemy villager appears on the deck and preaches.

Be sure to hide in the water while the enemy villager delivers her sermon.

Hide in the water and wait until she’s finished delivering her sermon, then head up the riverbank on the right towards a bridge. You’ll spot a burning body, which you should record with your camera. There’s also a collectible document in the building where the preaching woman emerged from. No worries, though, as you can grab it safely before continuing through the two fences into a vast cornfield.

Survive the Cornfield

Be wary of the woman with a pickaxe as you make your way through the cornfield.

Now that you’re in the cornfield, you’ll want to keep an eye out for an enemy with a pickaxe who lurks behind the gate (the same pickaxe lately who castrated you in the Outlast 2 demo). While you want to be wary of her, you will also want to be quick in recording her with your camera for another collectible. You only have a few seconds to do this, so be quick before heading on.

On the left side of the fencing you come to, you’ll spot a group of crates with a hole you can crawl through. Be quick here, as the men who’ve appeared behind you can spot you! 

Head towards the lit fence, then use the crates to jump over and escape the cornfield.

The cornfield exit will be on your right. Instead of running directly towards it, be cautious as several enemy villagers are scanning the cornfield. Be sure to sneak carefully through the cornfield and avoid being spotted. Next, you’ll come across a lit gate on the right with several boxes leaning against it. Climb these, then jump over the gate to successfully escape (and survive) the cornfield.

This concludes part 2 of our Outlast 2 walkthrough. If you missed part 1, be sure to read through it to make sure you didn’t miss anything.

By reading through this guide, you should now find yourself ready to proceed with part 3 of our Outlast 2 walkthrough.

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