Outlast 2 Walkthrough Part 3 - Escape the Barn, Find the Town

A look at how to escape from the barn undetected, and live long enough to find the town in Outlast 2.

After you find your way out of the cornfield in our previous Outlast 2 walkthrough, you’ll come across a farmhouse area. To proceed forward, you’ll need to head through a barn on the opposite end of the farmhouse area. This is where things can become particularly stressful, as there are several enemies waiting to jump out at you. For example, some are hidden behind the gates, and one is located on the porch of the barn.

For more information, be sure to read through part 3 of our Outlast 2 walkthrough down below!

Escape the Barn

You'll need to crouch as you make your way to the barn.

Before you enter the barn, be sure to stop and grab a battery that’s located near the gate at the end of the path. Additionally, there’s a collectible document under the old farmhouse door. Now that you’ve collected everything, you’ll need to crouch and slowly inch your way forward to to the front of the barn.

Be sure to avoid the enemy located on the farmhouse porch.

As mentioned earlier, there’s an enemy on the porch, though he won’t see you if you’re cautious and stick to the shadows. Next, head for the door of the barn and interact with it to push it open. As you enter the barn, to enemy villagers will enter from the back. You’ll need to quickly crouch and head to the left side of the barn. There, you’ll find a barrel where you can hide until the last villager (the one with the flashlight) leaves the barn.

Interact with the barn door to push it open.

After he leaves, crouch-walk to the right side of the barn while remaining wary of the enemy villager that lurks nearby. When the way is finally clear, head straight and grab a moveable cart. Interact with it, then scoot it underneath the broken ladder. Once you’ve done this, jump onto the ladder and climb up to the second floor. There, continue up into the rafters to the right of where you entered. In the rafters, move to the front of the barn, then slip through a small crevice.

Find the chain, then use it to pull open the next door.

Before you progress further, be sure to grab a collectible document located beside a candle on a crate. Next, find the chain, grab it, then use it to pull open a door that marks the way forward. Head through the door and across a plank. Upon doing so, you’ll be knocked out of the barn onto the ground. It’s important to move quickly through the next few stages.

Finding the Town

You'll need to move through several canyons to find the town.

Head through the fence, then follow a path on your right that leads down into a canyon. Be sure to grab the collectible document located in front of a statue at the bottom of the path. Next, head forward and use your Night Vision camera when needed. Yet another bright flash of light will occur, and when it fades, you’ll find a destroyed bridge.

Head back from the bridge, then down the path to your left. This will lead you towards another canyon. Here, you’ll find a battery on the dead body at the end of the canyon. Next, look for rocks with bloody, red handprints on them. Climb the rocks, then move along the narrow ledge to reach the next rocky area. Climb up these rocks, then jump across to the platform with the broken ladder. After this, jump up the ladder, then move into a cave just past a candle.

Use your camera to record the strange statue.

Slide your way down the kill, and keep heading straight until you reach a strange temple. Be sure to record the statue with your camera. Now, head downstairs and jump to reach a platform on the other side. There’s another battery located next to a dead body here that you can grab. As you reach the other side of the room, you’ll be able to head farther down the cave. Keep following the tunnel until it exits into yet another canyon with a light down at the bottom.

Use your camera again to record the town.

Upon reaching the canyon, use your camera to record the town, then head for a path off to your left. This path will lead you to a riverbed below, which will give you access to another lit path at the bottom. Follow the path, then move into an old tunnel, and continue past the cages and broken buckets. At the end, you’ll enter a basement. In the basement, crawl under the broken staircase and be sure to grab the collectible document located on the desk inside.

You'll find a collectible document under this broken staircase.

After you collect the document, unlock the door on your left, then head through it. Next, you’ll come to a set of stairs leading up to the first floor. Be cautious as you move through this area, and be sure to keep an eye out for any batteries or bandages. Now, head up another set of stairs to the second story where you’ll find a bookcase in front of a door. Push the bookcase out of the way, then be sure to grab the collectible document off the desk in the corner. Now that you’ve moved the bookcase, head outside onto the balcony.

This brings part 3 of our Outlast 2 walkthrough to a close. If you missed the previous walkthrough, you can check it out by clicking here. For a guide hub and look at last year’s exclusive demo, you can head here for more on Outlast 2.

By reading through part 3 of our Outlast 2 walkthrough, you should now be sufficiently prepared for part 4.

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