Creepiest Little Nightmares Screenshots - Page 5

Take a visual tour of one of the creepiest games of the year. 

Boulevard of Broken Nightmares

This one isn't "creepy" so much as it's fascinating to look at. Here, you see Six strolling down a hallway lit by a series of lantern lights. It's a rare moment that's almost positive. Well, until you remember you're playing a horror game called Little Nightmares, that is. 

All Aboard The Maw

Here you can see Six dangling from an anchor chain as she watches the series of hungry Guests board The Maw. After being in the dark for so long, it's fun to take a moment to appreciate the blinding light of the outside world.

The Lady

Finally, here's an image of the enigmatic "Lady" that runs The Maw. She prefers to stay in the shadows, and resembles a Japanese Geisha. Also, she's pretty damn creepy right up until the bitter end.


What did you think of these creepy screenshots from Little Nightmares? Do you have any others you'd like to share? Be sure to post up your creepiest Little Nightmares screenshots in the comments section below.

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