World of Tanks Console Update and Final Roll Out Issue Now Available

The 3.5 update brings new physics to the game’s console versions.

Wargaming has announced that a massive new update is now available for the Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 versions of World of Tanks. In addition, the final issue of the World of Tanks Roll Out comic series has also been released.

The War of Nations update brings the console versions of World of Tanks up to version 3.5, while also introducing a bunch of new features. Key among these new features are a revamped vehicle physics system, HD remakes of several existing game maps, special in-game emblems which celebrate the Chinese New Year, and more.

Thanks to the new physics system, tanks can now slide, quick-turn, and even flip over. The addition of a handbrake to the game’s controls also gives players a bit more fine-tuned precision when it comes to steering their tanks across the battlefield.

Fans of the World of Tanks Roll Out comic from publisher Dark Horse can now also purchase the series’ fifth and final issue: “We are but Warriors for the Working Day.”

The final issue will be rolling out to various retailers starting today, and will be available for purchase directly from Dark Horse starting on February 8th.

For more on the latest World of Tanks news, be sure to check out Wargaming’s full February schedule of in-game events and sales. 


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