Complete List of Friday the 13th: The Game Trophies

Satisfy your inner completionist with this list of all the Friday the 13th: The Game trophies.

Achievement junkies will be thrilled to hear that the complete list of Friday the 13th: The Game trophies was revealed earlier today on psnprofiles. According to the list of achievements on the site, there are a total of 51 trophies – 1 Platinum, 2 Gold, 6 Silver, and 42 Bronze –  which means Friday the 13th is a game that demands you put in a considerable amount of time before you can walk away with the much-coveted Platinum trophy.

That said, be aware that there are potential spoilers among some of the following trophy descriptions.

Platinum Trophies

Killer Franchise - Collect all 50 trophies.

Gold Trophies

Roll Credits - Kill Jason.

A Ph.D. In Murder - Perform every kill in the game at least once.

Silver Trophies

Head Counselor - Play 1000 multiplayer matches as a counselor.

The Final Chapter - Play 1000 multiplayer matches as Jason.

Gotta Kill Em All - Kill 1313 Counselors.

That’s A Good Boy - Stun Jason with Pamela’s sweater 13 times.

Face Off - Remove Jason’s mask 13 times.

Chad Is A Dick - Escape in the car or the boat by yourself while another counselor is still alive.

Bronze Trophies

Summercamp - Play 1 multiplayer match as a counselor.

Camp Counselor - Play 500 Multiplayer matches as a counselor.

It’s Friday the 13th - Play 1 multiplayer match as Jason.

The Sequel - Play 500 multiplayer matches as Jason.

First Blood - Kill 1 counselor.

My Lucky Number - Kill 13 counselors.

Evil Lurks - Kill 666 counselors.

No Happy Endings - Kill all 7 counselors in a single match.

One For Good Measure - Kill all 7 counselors and Tommy Jarvis in a single match.

I’ve Seen Every Movie - Play a multiplayer as each one of the Jasons.

Super Fan - Play a multiplayer match as each one of the counselors.

Grease Monkey - Successfully perform 100 car repairs.

Shipwright - Successfully perform 100 boat repairs.

Shock Jockey - Successfully perform 100 electrical and phone box repairs.

Operator - Call the police 13 times.

Disc Jockey - Call Tommy Jarvis 13 times.


Friday Driver - Escape in the car as the driver.

Along For The Ride - Escape in the car as a passenger 13 times.

I’m On A Boat - Escape in the boat as a passenger 13 times.

Aye Aye Captain - Escape in the boat as the driver.

It’s A Trap! - Trap Jason with a bear trap 13 times.

Heeeeere’s Tommy! - Play as Tommy Jarvis 13 times.

Voodoo Doll - Hit counselors with throwing knives 13 times.

Eenie Meenie Miney Mo -  Successfully trap a counselor 13 times.

You Died - Get killed by Jason.

You Died A Lot - Get killed by Jason 100 times.

Slam Jam - Stop the car 13 times as Jason.

Crystal Lake Five-O - Escape to the police 13 times.

Flaring Up - Hit Jason with a flare 13 times.

Snap Crackle, Boom - Stun Jason with the firecrackers 13 times.

Get Out Of Jail Free - Break free from a grab with a pocket knife 13 times.

New Threads - Put on Pamela’s sweater.

Goalie - Pick up Jason’s mask.

This Door Won’t Close - Perform the door smash kill.

This Door Won’t Open - Break down 100 doors.

Windows 99 - Jump through 99 closed windows.

A Classic - Perform the sleeping bag kill.

Cooking With Jason Voorhees - Perform the fireplace kill.

Smash bros - Hit Jason with a baseball bat 100 times.

I Need A Medic! - Use a first aid spray 100 times.

This Is My Boomstick! - Shoot Jason with the shotgun 13 times.

Let’s Split Up - Perform the machete dismemberment kill.

Since this list was revealed before the game’s release, we don’t know how difficult or rare the achievements listed are. The general rule of thumb is that Bronze trophies are the easiest, followed by Silver, gold, and Platinum being the most difficult. Most of the Bronze trophies can be easily won by playing the game on a regular basis. The Silver and Gold trophies require a little more effort and some creativity in your playstyle.

Overall, the list looks like a pretty fun challenge and has an appeal that is suited for all players, even those who aren't necessarily all about trophy hunting.

Make sure to visit our Friday the 13th: The Game hub for all the latest features, news, and guides.

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