RiME - How to Solve the Magical Fox Puzzle, Unlock Fox Companion

A guide on how to solve your very first puzzle in RiME and unlock your fox companion.

In RiME, the very first puzzle you come across is the Magical Fox Puzzle. To solve this puzzle, you’ll need to use your voice to activate four different Fox Statues. Not only will this grant you access to the next area in RiME, it will also unlock your fox companion.

In this guide, we’ll show you where each of the four Fox Statues are located, how to activate them, and how to solve the Magical Fox Puzzle in RiME.

How to Solve the Magical Fox Puzzle

The Magical Fox Puzzle is the first puzzle you'll solve in RiME.

The Magical Fox Puzzle requires you to interact with four different Fox Statues located throughout the first play area in RiME. To get to the first play area with the Magical Fox Puzzle, you’ll need to enter the ocean near the beach you found yourself stranded on, then swim to the right. There, you’ll discover a small cove, and some ledges you can climb.

The Magical Fox Puzzle features four small foxes surrounding a large fox in RiME.

After climbing the ledges and walking up the path, you’ll be able to see the Magical Fox Puzzle down below (a giant fox surrounded by four smaller foxes). You cannot directly interact with the Magical Fox Puzzle, instead, you’ll need to track down the four Fox Statues. To locate the four Fox Statues, look for a beam of glowing blue light shooting up into the sky. This indicates there’s a Fox Statue in that area.

The long beam of blue light shooting into the sky indicates there's a Fox Statue in that area.

To make things a bit easier, you can activate the first Fox Statue by heading to your right. There, you’ll see a platform with steps you can climb up and a Fox Statue in the center. Once you’re near the Fox Statue, use your voice to call out “Hah!” and activate the Fox Statue. You’ll know it’s activated as a stream of yellow light will shoot towards the Magical Fox Puzzle down below.

You can find the first Fox Statue in RiME by heading to your right after reaching the first play area.

Once you’ve activated the first Fox Statue, head to your left. There, you’ll see the second Fox Statue guarded by a large, angry boar. To distract the boar, turn around and head across the path to the area where a few boar and smaller piglets are eating dropped fruit. In the right corner, you’ll spot some fruit trees.

You can interact with the fruit trees in RiME to pick a large piece of fruit and use it to distract the boar guarding the second Fox Statue.

Head over and interact with these fruit trees to grab a large piece of fruit. Then, briskly take it over to the boar that’s guarding the second Fox Statue. After you drop the fruit, the boar will become distracted while eating the fruit, letting you pass and climb up the platform to the second Fox Statue. Again, use your voice to call out “Hah!” and activate the second Fox Statue.

The third Fox Statue can be reached by walking back down the hill and heading to the water. Across from the water is a large, broken pillar with steps around it. On a rock to the right, you’ll also catch your first glimpse of the mysterious individual in the red cloak. You cannot approach this person, and you cannot interact with them.

Swim towards the person in the red cloak, then follow the prompt to swim under the pillar to be able to climb it and activate the third Fox Statue in RiME.

Instead, swim towards the rock they’re perched on towards the right side of the broken platform. As you approach, you’ll be prompted to dive beneath the water, then resurface in the center of the pillar. This will give you the ability to climb the steps and activate the third Fox Statue. As you head back, you’ll notice the person in the red cloak has disappeared.

Finally, the fourth and final Fox Statue is a bit harder to reach. It’s located at the large pillar you spotted from the beach when you washed ashore. To reach it, you’ll need to head to the rocky cliffs and walk around the right-hand side. Eventually, you’ll come to what appears to be a blocked pass.

Grab onto the ledge, then shimmy right to find the platform with the vines you can climb to reach the fourth Fox Statue.

However, if you grab onto the ledge and shimmy your way right, you’ll be able to continue on your way towards the large pillar. Again, you’ll see the person in the red cloak, who will walk to the left inside the pillar and disappear. Head into the pillar, up the steps, then use your voice to shout “Hah!” and activate the fourth and final Fox Statue.

After you activate the fourth Fox Statue, head back to complete the Magical Fox Puzzle in RiME.

Now that you've activated the last Fox Statue, head back the way you came but instead of going left to the ledge you shimmied across, you can head to your right, as you’ll be able to drop down some ledges to the original path you used to reach the first play area. Here, you'll want to head to the Magical Fox Statue and use your voice to shout “Hah!” and interact with all four Fox Statues on the platform.

By solving the Magical Fox Puzzle, you'll be able to unlock your fox companion in RiME.

This will create a light that circles the largest Fox Statue, unlocking your fox companion. Once your fox companion is unlocked, he’ll step on a button and raise a pillar you can climb, and will then escort you to the second play area in RiME.

By reading through this guide, you should know how to complete the Magical Fox Puzzle and get your fox companion in RiME.

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