Friday the 13th Game - How to Earn CP and Level Up Fast

Learn the best ways to earn CP and unlock perks in Friday the 13th.

In order to level up fast in the Friday the 13th game, you’ll need to earn CP. CP allows you to unlock various counselor perks and Jason executions. This guide will explain the how to earn CP and level up fast in Friday the 13th so that you can access and play as your favorite Jason from the films. Unlocking all the Jason's is important, as each Jason has different strengths and weaknesses..

How to Earn CP 

In Friday the 13th, “CP” stands for customization points, which are used to unlock new perks and Jason executions. CP is acquired as you level up in Friday the 13th. Each time your player level increases, you earn 500 CP. Leveling up fast will help you gain CP more quickly, allowing you to unlock more counselor perks.

Since you are more likely to play as a counselor than as Jason, we suggest you spend CP on unlocking important Perks for your counselors before obtaining new Jason executions. CP can be difficult to come by, so it’s better to invest in Perks since you will benefit from them more often. 

Counselor Perks are rolled at random, and you can only have up to three equipped at a time. If you end up with a Perk that you don’t want, you can sell the Perk in exchange for CP. This usually only nets you about 100-200 CP based on the type of Perk you’re selling. Leveling up is still the best way to get CP, but at least selling Perks allows you to be rid of the Perks you don't want while also earning back some CP.

How to Level Up

The final match screen gives a breakdown of the xp you earned during the match.

Like in most games, you’ll need to accumulate experience points (xp) in order to level up in Friday the 13th. Completing full multiplayer matches is the best and most reliable way to earn experience. You’ll earn more XP if you stay through the end of a match, so be sure to stick around even if you die early. Additional experience points are granted for performing certain actions in the game as well, such as fixing a car or barricading a door.Perform these side activities when you can to maximize your XP at the end of the match. 

The final match screen offers a breakdown of your experience point totals for your actions. Be sure to review the Experience screen so that you know which of your activities earned you the most XP.

While playing a match, there’s a chance that you can still return to the match after you’ve died or escaped. If someone uses the CB radio to make a call to Tommy Jarvis for help, one of the inactive players will be selected at random to return to the match as Tommy Jarvis. 

Returning as Tommy will give you another opportunity to earn additional XP, as long as you perform specific actions as Tommy. Lock every door, make your shotgun shots count, and do as much as you can to survive as Tommy to maximize your experience point earnings throughout the match. 

Now that you know the best ways to earn XP and level up fast in Friday the 13th, you can move on to learn how to kill Jason, which is no small feat. 


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