ARMS 3.2 adding achievements and new character

The updates continues to come thick and fast.

Nintendo may get a lot of bad press for its undercooked online services, but if the last few months of ARMS content are anything to go by, the Kyoto giant certainly has the right idea about post-release support. The latest update, 3.2, is set to add a new character and more.

The trailer below is a little oblique, but from what we gathered and what the community has inferred, we're getting new achievement-style badges, a Sparring Ring level and a new character, about whom we know very little other than he or she likes dark shades of red.

If you haven't checked in on ARMS since launch, you've missed out on a lot. As delighted Redditors observed after the trailer dropped, we've had new online play options, a new game mode, customizable controls, more stages, more characters, more arms, and balance updates. Not bad for under five months.

Nintendo's obvious desire to keep ARMS fans happy is one of the reasons we're still playing it.


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