Now someone's finished Cuphead with a dance mat

Because obviously.

We were already miffed when someone finished Cuphead in an hour without taking a hit, but now someone's taken it one better and completed the game in less than 90 minutes using... a dance mat.

Runner PeekyBoo had a Dance Dance Revolution machine set up that treated each arrow on the mat as a keyboard input, which meant that it wasn't possible to shoot or jump while dodging, adding significantly to the challenge. You can watch through the result below.

Watch DancePad% || Cuphead | All Bosses - 1:24:40 from PeekingBoo on

We'll never manage to beat Cuphead this way, but even an average player ought to be able to finish it if they apply themselves enough. That's what we found in our Cuphead review, along with incredible visuals and sound design. It's well worth a go, even if you do have to play it with a gamepad.


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