Monument Valley 2 – How to Complete The Vestibule

Use this handy walkthrough to solve the opening puzzles in Monument Valley 2.

Now that Monument Valley 2 is officially available on iOS, you may find yourself struggling to complete the game’s intro and second chapter, The Vestibule. To help, we’ve put together a walkthrough that will break down the various puzzles needed to complete The Vestibule in Monument Valley 2.

How to Solve the Intro Puzzle

To solve the intro puzzle in Monument Valley 2, you'll need to rotate the architecture until you spot the exit.

Figuring out Monument Valley 2’s first puzzle requires wrapping your head around the game’s central mechanic: rotating the architecture so that you can gain a more thorough perspective of the entire puzzle and, as a result, figure out the solution.

To solve the intro puzzle, simply rotate it until you see the exit. To guide protagonist Ro forward, tap and hold on the moveable piece at the puzzle’s center, then line it up with the path so that Ro can reach the exit.

As you might imagine, future puzzles in Monument Valley 2 won’t be as easy. Nevertheless, this intro puzzle is an excellent way for you to grasp the basics before moving on to the game’s second chapter, The Vestibule.

Journey Through The Vestibule

There are several complex puzzles to solve in Monument Valley 2's second chapter, The Vestibule.

The Vestibule is where players are introduced to both Ro’s daughter and the sprawling Valley setting which the two protagonists must journey through in Monument Valley 2.

Once you reach The Vestibule, the real puzzle solving begins. First, tap on the button located in the corner of the garden area. This will cause several new pieces to rise out of the ground. Then, rotate one of the pieces in the center to allow Ro and her daughter to pass.

Next, rotate the center piece again so that the pair can reach the nearby button before repeating the process so they can reach the second button. Once both buttons are pressed, the level’s exit will open up near the top.

Guide Ro and her daughter down the nearby ladder, then tap on the two bridges to rotate them so that the pair can cross over. Once you reach the new area across the two bridges, keep going until your reach an L-shaped piece which you’ll need to rotate in order for Ro and her daughter to reach the nearby glowing button.

A new platform will appear once the button is pressed. Rotate the new platform so that Ro and her daughter can reach it, then climb down the nearby ladder so you can reach yet another button. Pressing this button will cause the platforms Ro and her daughter are standing on to descent to a lower level.

Head down the stairs and through the large doorway. For the final area, all you have to do is guide Ro to one final button (last one, we promise). Pressing the button will trigger some dialogue and a short cutscene, after which you’ll find yourself in the game’s third chapter, The Oasis.

By reading through this guide, you should now know how to complete the intro and second chapter, The Vestibule, in Monument Valley 2.


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