Monument Valley 2 – How To Complete The Oasis

Learn how you can make your way through Monument Valley 2’s third chapter.

Now that you’ve cleared Monument Valley 2’s opening intro and Vestibule chapter, your next hurdle is finding out how to complete The Oasis. The third chapter introduces several challenging puzzles which require a bit of creative maneuvering to complete.

To help, we’ve put together a guide explaining how to complete The Oasis and all of its puzzles in Monument Valley 2.

How to Solve The Oasis

The Oasis can be a hard chapter to solve in Monument Valley 2 thanks to its new block type.

One of the first things you’ll notice upon entering The Oasis is that it introduces yet another new block type. Ones that can be moved while Ro and her daughter are standing on them. To move these blocks, simply tap and hold your finger on them, then swipe in the direction you want them to move.

You’ll be tasked with using this new mechanic almost immediately as Ro and her daughter enter The Oasis. To solve the chapter’s first puzzle, you have to tap and move a block so that it completes a bridge. Then, find another block near the top of the screen and move it down so that Ro and her Daughter can stand on it.

Lastly, move the block Ro and her daughter are now standing on over so that they can reach the far doorway and move into the next area. For the next puzzle, you’ll see some white and black checkerboard blocks. What you want to do here is guide Ro and her daughter onto one of the white blocks which is sitting next to a block with circles on it (it should be near the starting area).

Next, move the block down, over, and then up so that Ro and her daughter can reach the next doorway. While solving the third puzzle, you should be able to find a long block with circles on it. Swipe it down to the lower path so Ro and her daughter can get onto it, then slide it down again so that the pair can reach the exit at the top of the stairs.

Halfway through The Oasis, Ro and her daughter will become temporarily separated in Monument Valley 2. 

When Ro’s daughter tries to run over the long block, it will break, causing a cutscene to trigger in which Ro’s daughter falls to a lower area, separating them. Once the cutscene ends, locate the large pink block and lift it so that Ro can climb onto it. The block will break and fall onto its side, allowing you to line it up with the far wall so that Ro can progress.

Guide Ro up the stairs to the next gap which can be crossed by guiding a nearby block to it. Once Ro is on the block, guide it over to the nearby switch and have Ro stand on it. This will free Ro’s daughter and reunite the pair. After they’re back together, guide them both to the nearby block and take them up to the exit.

The next area presents the final puzzle for The Oasis which can be quite confusing. Here, you should spot a moveable platform you can guide Ro and her daughter onto. Once they’re both on, move the platform up a level, then guide the pair along the upwards curving wall until they reach an outcropping located at the back of the area (you’ll spot a switch but you can’t reach it quite yet).

Move the platform up and have Ro and her daughter get back on. Next, move the platform back down to the second level, have Ro and her daughter get off, then guide them along the wall until they reach an area they can climb up. You should encounter two switches along the way.

Press both of them, and when Ro and her daughter reach the top of the wall, Ro’s spirit hat should be glowing. Tap the hat and you should be presented with a new interface in which you use your finger to trace a glowing emblem. Do so and you’ll finish the third chapter of Monument Valley 2, moving on to the fourth chapter, The Viaduct.

By reading through this guide, you should now know how to complete The Oasis in Monument Valley 2.


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