Monument Valley 2 – How To Complete The Towers

Solve all the puzzles in Monument Valley 2’s seventh chapter, The Towers

By now, you should have a pretty good grasp on how Monument Valley 2’s different puzzle mechanics work, though you may still find yourself wondering how to complete The Towers. If any of the puzzles prove to be too much for you, fret not for this handy guide will help you complete the seventh chapter of Monument Valley 2, The Towers.

The Docks

Monument Valley 2’s Docks area is technically the sixth chapter, though you could hardly call it that since it’s incredibly short and easy. Simply guide Ro and her daughter down the path to the nearby boat and Ro’s daughter will climb aboard and set out on her own journey. As you might have guessed from this story interlude, the next chapter will feature only Ro, as she and her daughter embark on their own separate adventures.

Solving The Towers

A look at how to complete The Towers in Monument Valley 2.

The first thing you’ll notice as you enter The Towers is that every area has a more monochromatic tone. This can take some getting used to, but solving each area’s puzzles still requires the same platform-rotation mechanics as previous chapters, so hopefully the acclimation process isn’t too jarring.

Once you’re able to control Ro again, rotate the nearby platforms so you can guide her along and up the nearby stairway. Next, head down the ladder and turn the blocks so that you can reach the second staircase. Another few blocks, turn and another ladder should lead you to a button in the back-right part of the area.

Push the button and the center platform should shift. When it finishes moving, the center platform should be in the shape of an L, allowing Ro to reach a second button which will extend a platform to the nearby doorway. Guide Ro to the platform and move it to the doorway to proceed to the next area.

In the second area, you have to manipulate the block on the bottom of the screen so that the various platforms all rotate. Your goal is to get Ro to the top of the area, so start by leading her over to the nearby ladder and taking it up. Next, rotate the platforms so that you can proceed along the path to the left and, once you’re across, rotate the platforms again so that Ro can enter the nearby doorway. Once inside, all you have to do is rotate the block at the bottom so that Ro’s platform reaches the top.

When you reach the top, interact with the glowing spirit to trigger a story cinematic. When the cinematic ends, rotate the bottom block to open up a staircase which Ro can use to reach the area above her. When you’re on the new platform, rotate the bottom block again so that Ro can move over to the platform on the left. Proceed down the stairs, and keep moving along the path until you reach the end.

Once there, rotate the bottom block until the stairs line up with the platform above, have Ro climb onto it, and then rotate the bottom block one final series of times until the platform aligns with the nearby doorway. Proceed through into the next area. Now, in this area, you’ll still be rotating a singular block to move platforms, but this time the block is located in the top right corner of the screen.

All you really have to do is keep rotating the platforms so that Ro can move through the area and reach the far doorway. Remember to keep rotating the platforms if you ever get stuck and you should find the solution before too long. Making it to the second doorway will allow you to proceed into The Tower’s final area. Once you reach the top of The Tower, you’ll see there are two platforms that can be moved; one that can move up and down and another that can be moved from side to side.

Move the side to side platform to the left and then move the up and down platform up while Ro is standing on it so that she can reach the side to side block. Slide the side to side block over to the button on the right and press it. Next, move back onto the side to side platform, slide it back over to the left, and move Ro back onto the up and down platform.

Next, slide the side to side platform over to the right, guide Ro onto the left corner of the side to side block, move it to the left again, and cross over to the up and down block so that you can take it down and reach the second button. With both buttons activated, the chapter’s exit will open up. Guide Ro into the exit and up the stairs to find a spirit you can interact with. Doing so will end the chapter.

By reading through this guide, you should now know how to complete The Towers in Monument Valley 2.



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