Monument Valley 2 – How To Complete The Viaduct

We show you how to solve all of The Viaduct’s puzzles in Monument Valley 2.

At this point in Monument Valley 2, things have become somewhat more complex, resulting in gamers inquiring as to how they can complete The Viaduct. In this chapter, the game starts utilizing puzzles in which the player must guide protagonist Ro and her daughter along separate paths.

If The Viaduct proves to be too challenging on your own, we’ve got you covered with our guide on how to complete The Viaduct in Monument Valley 2.

Solving The Viaduct

A look at how you can solve The Viaduct in Monument Valley 2.

Once you arrive in The Viaduct, proceed through the mist and head up the ladders until you reach a staircase you can interact with. Tapping and holding your finger on the stairs and then swiping down will cause the stairs to collapse into a straight horizontal platform, introducing yet another gameplay mechanic into the fold.

Use the collapsing/expanding stairs to guide Ro and her daughter to the two nearby buttons. Once both buttons are pressed, the area’s exit will open up. In the next area, Ro must be guided to a series of platforms so that she can converse with the Valley’s spirits. Lining the platforms up is a pretty straightforward process, and once Ro reaches the spirit and speaks with it, you’ll automatically be whisked away to the chapter’s third area.

Here, Ro and her daughter will once again be separated. Once the cinematic ends, move both Ro and her daughter up their respective paths. You’ll eventually find a series of moveable platforms in the center. First, guide Ro onto her platform and then transition her along until she’s able to reach the immovable platform at the other end.

This will allow Ro’s daughter to climb onto her own moving platform and also activate a glowing button for her to press. Once both Ro and her daughter are across, yet another puzzle will be presented to them. Again, move Ro and her daughter down their respective paths until you find a button that can be activated. 

Triggering the button will allow Ro to move through a nearby doorway, teleporting her to a platform on the opposite side of the level. Activate the button near Ro to bring up a revolving platform near her daughter. Guide Ro’s daughter onto the revolving platform and then rotate it so that she can move towards Ro. Doing so will cause the child to move over another button, shifting Ro up to a platform above her daughter and opening a new pair of pathways.

Proceed through them to reach the next area. For this area, you have to rotate two different platforms using a wheel in the center. Start by turning the platforms so that Ro can move over to the opposite side of where she starts. Once she’s there, use Ro to guide her daughter onto the pink colored blocks since doing so will cause the blocks to move and allow her to activate an otherwise inaccessible button. Once both Ro and her daughter have activated their respective buttons, two new doorways will open.

Guide Ro and her daughter to the doorways by crossing some nearby bridges and rotating platforms to enter the chapter’s final area. The final area is all about bringing Ro and her daughter back together. You can do this by using the circles on the wall near Ro’s daughter to manipulate different parts of the area’s pathway.

Turn the platforms until Ro’s daughter can reach the stairs, then continue rotating them until Ro and her daughter are able to reach each other. Once the two are reunited, a black item will rise up nearby. Interact with the item to trigger another symbol tracing sequence and successfully trace the symbol to end the chapter.

By reading through this guide, you should now know how to solve The Viaduct in Monument Valley 2.


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