Yeah Bunny Tips for the iOS Game

Learn how to jump, climb walls, earn Carrots and Keys playing Yeah Bunny!

Yeah Bunny is a free iOS platformer game that puts players in control of a bunny. Gamers complete several stages in each of the nine worlds, and even fight several bosses along the way. Today, we’re going to provide you several useful tips to guide you through all of what Yeah Bunny has to offer.

How to Jump in Yeah Bunny

In Yeah Bunny, you jump simply by tapping the screen.
In Yeah Bunny, you jump simply by tapping the screen.

In order to jump in Yeah Bunny, you simply need to tap your screen. It might take you a few deaths in Stage 1 of World 1 to get the hang of it, but it’s fairly simple once you put about five minutes into the game. Like all things, practice makes perfect.

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What’s not immediately obvious about jumping in Yeah Bunny is that you can double-tap the screen to perform a double-jump, something that is required if you hope to avoid some of the game’s obstacles and traps. Try tapping the screen twice in quick succession, or wait until the end of your first jump before your second tap. Both techniques will come in handy as the stages get progressively more difficult.

How to Climb Walls in Yeah Bunny

Getting good at climbing walls in Yeah Bunny is about timing, not speed.

Climbing walls works very much like jumping in Yeah Bunny. As you near a wall, jump and allow the bunny to bump into it. You need to time your second jump for the moment that the bunny hits the wall, which will cause it to push off at an upward angle. It’s very easy to panic and tap the screen too quickly, which will only give you trouble. It doesn’t have to be fast, it just has to be timed correctly.

What are Carrots in Yeah Bunny?

You’ve probably noticed that as you are moving through the various stages of Yeah Bunny you’re picking things up. These are (I assume) Carrots, which can be used to make the grind of getting through a tough stage a little easier.

Pick up as many Carrots as you can, even if it means you have to double-back to another part of the stage that you’re on. These Carrots are used when you die, allowing you to continue from where you perished, rather than start the level over again.

However, don’t use Carrots every time you die. Some stages are quite simple and only take 30 seconds from start to finish once mastered. If you’re confident you can get through, just start over from the beginning of the stage, saving the Carrots for that one stage that you just can’t seem to get by.

Get More Keys in Yeah Bunny

Collect Keys as you play Yeah Bunny so that you can unlock the next World.
Collect Keys as you play Yeah Bunny so that you can unlock the next World.

Besides Carrots, you’ve also been picking up Keys as you play Yeah Bunny. These are used to unlock the next world once you’re through all of the stages in the current one. For this reason, it’s essential that you explore each level, being sure to pick up every Key that you can. If you’re passing stages but not getting Keys, you’ll find yourself unable to unlock the next world without forking over some cash. Nobody wants to do that. Be sure to spend time exploring and mastering each stage so that you grab all of the Keys that are available.

After a couple of hours with Yeah Bunny, it’s become clear to us that the keys to passing each stage and world are patience and practice. Like any game, you’ll be better at it after you play for a bit, so don’t burn those Carrots restarting in World 1. Just take your time and practice the various mechanics behind jumping and climbing.


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