PlayerUnknown's Battleground Bans Thousands of Cheaters

Even in Battlegrounds’ harsh environment, crime doesn’t pay. 

A sad reality that players must face when playing any online game is that they run the risk of encountering cheaters, and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is no different. However, the team behind the popular Early Access shooter are dedicated to removing as many cheating players as possible. In fact, and they’ve already slapped a permaban on thousand of cheaters as of this writing.

According to a recent Steam post for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Month 3 Update, the past three months have seen the banning of roughly 25,000 players who’ve been caught using third-party tools like aimbots, which allow users to instantly draw a bead on enemy players, and ESP tracking tags that show users exactly where good loot (and enemy players) are located on the game map.

That high number is thanks in no small part to the game’s built-in anti-cheat program BattlEye, which actively monitors the game and sniffs out those who are using the above tools. Sadly, while BattlEye can often ensure that those who are banned can’t just make a new account and hop back into the fray, the system isn’t perfect.

More dedicated cheaters have reported being able to simply make a new Steam account, buy a new copy of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and resume cheating without penalty (at least until they get caught again). The silver lining to this is that dedicated cheaters also often have to spend hundreds of dollars to gain access to the best cheating programs, not to mention the extra cash they have to plunk down on buying new copies of Battlegrounds for their new Steam accounts.

However, that’s a small comfort to the legitimate players who are forced to actively deal with cheaters on a frequent basis. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is still technically an Early Access title, which means there’s still time for the development team to continue refining its anti-cheat measures. Furthermore, the team could eventually implement new tools like a kill-cam system and a reporting feature that can help players fight cheaters directly.

In the meantime, if you want to keep playing Battlegrounds, be prepared to encounter more unsavory types who have no interest in playing fair.



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