How To Unlock All Hero Weapons in Splatoon 2

We show you how to unlock all nine Hero weapons in Splatoon 2.

If you recently picked up Splatoon 2, you may be wondering how to unlock the game’s Hero weapons. While playing through Splatoon 2’s single-player story campaign is a great way to try out your solo ink-shooting skills, it’s also essential if you want to unlock the full arsenal of Hero weapons for use in the game’s multiplayer component.

In this guide, we’ll show you how exactly you can unlock all 9 of Splatoon 2’s Hero weapons so that you’ll always be prepared when you’re in the thick of an intense multiplayer match.

How to Unlock All 9 Hero Weapons

Below, we'll tell you how you can unlock all 9 Hero weapons in Splatoon 2.

The good news about unlocking new Hero weapons in Splatoon 2 is that, once they’re unlocked, they’re immediately available for use in Splatoon 2’s multiplayer. The bad news is that, in order to unlock all 9 Hero weapons, you’ll have to make it through all 27 of the game’s single-player campaign lairs, and yes that includes beating all five of the campaign’s bosses as well.

When you reach specific lairs, Sheldon will ask you test out a new weapon, and after you’ve tested it out for a while, it will become permanently unlocked. Here are the specific lairs where Sheldon will hit you up to try out a new weapon:

  • Lair 1 – Hero Shot
  • Lair 4 – Hero Roller
  • Lair 5 – Hero Dualies
  • Lair 6 – Hero Charge
  • Lair 10 – Hero Slosher
  • Lair 13 – Hero Splatling
  • Lair 19 – Hero Blaster
  • Lair 20 – Hero Brella
  • Lair 22 – Hero Brush

As you might imagine, unlocking the full arsenal of Hero weapons will take a bit of time since you have to reach the respective lair for each weapon, test it out thoroughly, and then purchase it before being able to use it in multiplayer. If you want to truly show your mastery of Splatoon 2 however, there’s no better way than by rolling into a multiplayer match fully stocked with all the armaments you need.

By reading through this guide, you should now know how to unlock all 9 Hero weapons in Splatoon 2.



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