Tacoma Achievements Guide - How to Unlock All Achievements

Find out how to unlock each and every achievement in Tacoma. 

If you’re looking to fully complete Fullbright’s new game, Tacoma, you’ll need to know how to unlock all achievements. While many of Tacoma’s achievements are straightforward, others require to you scour every part of the space station for items. This can be time consuming, especially if you don’t know where to look.

To help you out, we put together a complete guide on how to unlock all achievements in Tacoma.

Tacoma - How to Unlock All Achievements

Below, you'll find the steps needed to unlock all achievements in Tacoma.

Note that while we’re explaining how to unlock all achievements in Tacoma, there may be spoilers pertaining to the game’s story. If you’ve yet to finish Tacoma, just note that some of these may give certain clues away, while others are necessary to know prior to starting the game. With that out of the way, below you’ll find the complete list of achievements in Tacoma and the steps needed to unlock them.

Liberated: Escape Lunar Transfer Station Tacoma with ODIN. This achievement will unlock automatically while making your way through Tacoma’s story, and cannot be missed.

ARdcore: Escape Lunar Transfer Station Tacoma having recovered every AR Crew Record and AR Desktop Item. For this achievement, you’ll need to go through and explore each and every room on the Tacoma space station. When you come across a Crew Record, press X to recover it. While you’re doing this, be sure to access every AR Desktop item whenever a “?” appears on the bar at the bottom while a clip is playing. By recovering every AR Crew Record and AR Desktop items, you’ll unlock the ARdcore achievements when the Tacoma end credits begin to roll.

From Downtown: Make a 3-point shot in micro-G basketball. To unlock this achievement in Tacoma, you’ll need to head to the hub area of the space station. There, you’ll find three modules that branch off. Look for the “3-point line” switch directly opposite the Biomedical entrance. Switch it on, then grab the ball floating around the area. With the ball in hand, make the shot from outside the holographic sphere that appears to unlock the From Downtown achievement in Tacoma.

Make sure you recover every AR Crew Record and AR Desktop item to unlock the ARdcore achievement in Tacoma.

Skeletina: Give Tina back her hat (and her head). To unlock this achievement in Tacoma, head to the Biomedical module, then into the Medical Wing. Once there, go to the Exam Facilities section, then head into the Medical Office. Open the desk drawer to retrieve the Storage Room Key, then venture into the Medical Storage room on your right after leaving the Exam Facilities area.

To your left, open the keyhole and retrieve the skull that’s hidden behind a few boxes. Take it back to the Exam Facilities area, and put the skull on the skeleton. After that, head back to Medical Storage and pick up the hat located on the table to your right. Head back to the skeleton, put the hat on top, and the Skeletina achievement will unlock.

Casketball: Work together with Tina to make a particularly spooky basket. Once you’ve completed the Skeletina achievement, take her skull and head to the main hub. There, you’ll need to score a hoop with the skull to unlock the Casketball achievement.

Catsitter: Find the AR cat in every recovered Crew Record on the Station. In Tacoma, there are seven instances where you can find an AR cat within a Crew Record. In order to unlock the Catsitter achievement, you’ll need to zoom in on the AR cat when you spot it until its name appears. You can find the AR cats in the following areas:

  • Head to the Personnel module, then look for the chair in the corner of Administration to find the first AR cat.
  • Also in the Personnel module, look on top of a pipe in the Laundry room of Operations to find the second AR cat.
  • The third AR cat can be found by following Sareh into Food Storage in the Botany area of the Biomedical module. There, you’ll spot several containers with animal symbols on them, and in the top right cover, the third AR cat.
  • The fourth AR cat can be found in the Medical section of the ship within the Imaging room. There, you’ll spot the fourth AR cat hiding underneath a table.
  • To find the fifth AR cat, you’ll need to head to Medical Engineering, then into the Power Cell Room. Locate the power cells along the left wall. There, you’ll find the fifth AR cat sleeping atop one of the power cells.
  • The sixth AR cat is also found in the Medical Engineering section of the ship, this time in Network Technology. While in Network Technology, head toward the door that opens close to the end of the game. If you stand and face opposite this door and look up to the highest windowsill, you’ll spot the sixth AR cat.
  • The seventh and final AR cat is located in the last AR recording of Tacoma. While the crew assembles outside the Docking Access door, look in EV’s arms. There, you’ll see the seventh AR cat fast asleep.
You need to find all seven AR cats to unlock the Catsitter achievement in Tacoma.

Spellcheck: Restore the Obsolescence Day sign. To unlock the Spellcheck achievement in Tacoma, you’ll need to head into the Personnel area and look for the “Happy Obsolescence Day, Tacoma Crew” sign, which can be found hanging on the wall. There, you’ll notice that several letters are missing.

You can find the “O” and “E” right below the sign along the floor. The “M” can be found on the floor of the lower area near the pool table. The second “O” is located in the lavatory near the table. Once you’ve collected all of the missing letters, head back to the sign and put them where they need to go in order to unlock the Spellcheck achievement.

Master of Unlocking: Escape Lunar Transfer Station Tacoma having correctly opened every keycode lock on the Station. To check this achievement off your list, you’ll need to open each and every keycode lock within the Station. In order to find all of the codes, you’ll need to search through crew letters and locked cupboards. Be sure to check back as we’ll soon be posting a guide on all keycode locks. For now, though, be thorough when searching the Station and you should be able to find them all.

Therefore Art Thou: Activate Juliet and reunite her with Romeo in zero-G. When you come to the end of Tacoma, you’re tasked with activating the hologram in the main hub area where all of the crew members are. With that done, look for the newly unlocked Cryogenics room. Inside, you’ll find a cleaning robot named Juliet. Turn her on, then throw her back into the zero-G area alongside the other floating robot (Romeo) to unlock the Therefore Art Thou achievement in Tacoma.

Before you leave the Station, retrieve Bert's wedding ring to unlock the Ringbearer achievement in Tacoma.

Ringbearer: Retrieve Bert’s wedding ring from the Station. This achievement can be unlocked by heading to the Engineering module and looking for the Mechanical Engineering wing. Inside, you’ll see an “Operation Moonshot Status Board” sign. Stand beside the sign, then look down and you should spot Bert’s wedding ring. Proceed through the story until you’re tasked with unlocking a door within the Engineering module that takes you to an area below the status board. After you’ve excited Tacoma and the credits have finished, the Ringbearer achievement will unlock.

Punch-Out!!: Go a full round with the punching bag in the Gym. This achievement is easy. Simply locate the Gym within the Personnel module’s Fitness Center. There, you’ll find a punching bag in the corner. Press “A” to punch the punching bag, and repeat 10 times. When Amy grows tired and is unable to punch the bag, the Punch-Out!! achievement will unlock.

Employee of the Month: Escape Tacoma having read all incoming messages from Venturis. This achievement requires you to play the game with a completionist mindset. In order to unlock Employee of the Month, you’ll need to read the messages that appear next to your transfer module whenever you set it down on an access point.

Read every single one of these along with the ones that come in on your AR Desktop. To correctly read these, press the View button and look left. There, you should spot a log of messages. Additionally, read all of the messages in the final room in Engineering (at the end of the game) to unlock the Employee of the Month achievement.

There you have it, a look at how to complete each and every achievement in Tacoma. Which achievement do you feel was the hardest to unlock? Let us know in the comments below!

By reading through this guide, you should now know how to unlock all achievements in Tacoma.

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