PUBG Playable on Xbox One Hours Before Scheduled Release

Players have found they’re able to hop into PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds hours before its official release time on Xbox One.

If you’ve been looking forward to playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on the Xbox One, you’re in luck. Apparently, you don’t need to wait until PUBG’s scheduled release date of December 12th to start playing. Upon downloading the 5.24GB file on Xbox One, many players have found that they’re able to load up PUBG and immediately start playing.

This seems to apply globally, as PUBG players in the United Kingdom have reported success jumping into PUBG prior to the game’s midnight release time. Additionally, PUBG is currently live in countries like Australia and Japan where it’s already December 12th in their respective time zones.

So, if you’re itching to start playing PUBG on the Xbox One and try out the new Miramar desert map, be sure to download the game file and give it a go. Alternatively, you can check out other PUBG players who’ve already begun to stream their in-game exploits on Twitch.

Were you able to play PUBG on Xbox One before December 12th? Let us know down in the comments below. Meanwhile, if you’re a PC user looking to try out the new Miramar map, click here to check out our guide on how to join the PUBG test server!

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