Where to find the Abandon Ship Artifacts in God of War

The Lake of Nine lives up to its name, and we'll help you find all 9 Artifact locations.

Where to find the Abandon Ship Artifacts in God of War

God War has plenty of Artifacts to hunt down, and refreshingly they’re not just there for completionists. Finding Artifacts will earn you a bit of lore for the game, but they can also be sold for a nice boost of Hacksilver, the in-game currency you need to upgrade your gear. In this guide we’ll help you find every one of the Abandon Ship Artifacts in God of War.

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Where to find the Abandon Ship Artifacts

The Abandon Ship Artifacts are located around the Lake of the Nine. After the cinematic for your arrival ends you’ll be free to explore the surrounding area and grab them all. There are nine in total, and our guide will help you grab them all in no time. The full batch can be sold for a hefty 15,300 Hacksilver.

Abandon Ship Artifact 1

You can grab the first Artifact close to where the cinematic ending will leave you. Instead of heading to the dock, turn back and jog to the dock behind the boat. You’ll find the Abandon Ship Artifact sitting next to a golden-armored knight. You’ll have tolower the spikes first by using the Leviathan Axe to spin the device.

Abandon Ship Artifact 2

The next Artifact will be close to where Brok has placed himself in the center of the lake. Take the stairs down the side to find another dead knight with the Abandon Ship Artifact at his feet.

Abandon Ship Artifact 3

This Artifact is found on the southeast side of the lake. Head in this direction and you should find a small cave with a side-quest to free a spirit. Head further round the shoreline and you’ll see a little hole in the wall which has been blocked up by wood. Break through this and then boost Atreus up there. Climb the chain he lowers down and you’ll find a Legendary chest alongside the Abandon Ship Artifact.

Abandon Ship Artifact 4

Head to the Stone Falls in the northeast end of the lake to find the next Abandon Ship Artifact. There’s a small dock here that’ll give you access to an arena in which you need to fight a Revenant. With him bested, climb the stone black at the back to find the Artifact next to another knight.

Abandon Ship Artifact 5

The next Abandon Ship Artifact is in the same northeastern area. This time, head towards the Alfheim Tower and use the elevator to the upper platform. You’ll find another knight with the Artifact at his feet near to a Realm Tear.

Abandon Ship Artifact 6

The next Abandon Ship Artifact will see you heading northbound to Helheim Tower. Make your way to the dock at the lake’s edge, then ride the elevator up and you’ll find the knight’s body along with his Artifact.

Abandon Ship Artifact 7

While you’re north of the lake, you can grab the next Abandon Ship Artifact close to Svartalfheim Tower. Left of the tower you’ll find a bay you can dock your boat at. Climb the chain nearby and you’ll find not just the Artifact, but a Legendary chest, Nornir chest, Eye of Odin and, you guessed it, a dead knight.

Abandon Ship Artifact 8

The next Abandon Ship Artifact is located on a small island in the western side of the Lake of Nine. Dock the boat here and climb the rock wall in front. Walk left around the wooden crane and you’ll find another golden knight (these poor guys didn’t do to well for themselves did they?) with an Abandon Ship Artifact at its feet.

Abandon Ship Artifact 9

For the final Artifact, head to the southwestern Niflheim Tower. Dock your ship to the side of the tower and take the elevator up again. Look around and you’ll spot the last unfortunate knight with the Abandon Ship Artifact resting at its feet.

Phew! That was a big chunk of collecting! There’s no reason to stop there however, as next up you’ll be able to snaffle up the Spoils of War Artifacts.

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