Where to find the Spoils of War Artifacts in God of War

Spoil yourself with our guide to every Artifact location.

God War has plenty of Artifacts to hunt down, and refreshingly they’re not just there for completionists. Finding Artifacts will earn you a bit of lore for the game, but they can also be sold for a nice boost of Hacksilver, the in-game currency you need to upgrade your gear. In this article we’ll help you snag all the Spoils of War Artifacts God of War has to offer.

(Still searching for the Abandon Ship Artifacts? Don’t worry, we’ve got the guide for them here.)

Where to find the Spoils of War Artifacts

You can acquire the Spoils of War Artifacts during the main quest, The Light of Alfheim, in which Kratos and Atreus must recharge the Bifrost by travelling to a temple. There are six Artifacts in total, and hoovering up these relics is well worth the effort as they’ll earn you a plentiful 22,200 Hacksilver.

Spoils of War 1

The first chance you have to earn one of the Spoils of of War Artifacts is right after you’ve freed the boat and start paddling across the lake to the ringed templed. Stay on the right side and you’ll reach a small beach with a rotating lock under a bridge of branches. Use the mechanism here to let you run quickly through the gate and across the gap. In the right of the next room you’ll need to do a similar thing, only this time you’ll have to throw the Leviathan Axe to clear the path forward. Follow this route to the right and over the bridge you passed under on the way here. You’ll find the Spoils of War Artifact on the other side.

Spoils of War 2

Once you’ve collected the boat to take you to the ringed temple you can get the second Artifact. Keep going through the water until you reach an open lake then turn turn left and head to the beach. You’ll need to take care of a few enemies here but once they’re done you’ll find the Spoils of War Artifact next to a body on a stone walkway.

Spoils of War 3

After you beat the Stone Ancient boss (we’ve got a guide for him right here) and free the light bridge to reach the ringed temple you’ll be able to obtain the third Spoils of War Artifact. A small light bridge will spawn to one side of the platform. Head over to this and you’ll find the Artifact.

Spoils of War 4

After you fix the light in the ringed temple you’ll be able to grab the next Spoils of War Artifact. Head back towards your boat and take the elevator down. Look inside the cells which have now opened and you’ll find the Artifact.

Spoils of War 5

The fifth Artifact can be found right after you travel down the elevator and fight two Revenants while backtracking. You’ll need to need the cell area and knock a Light Crystal from the ceiling. This will open up the cells around you, once of which contains the Spoils of War Artifact.

Spoils of War 6

The final Spoils of War Artifact will be right next to the exit where you use the wheel mechanism to lower the floor down. Spin the wheel then lock the floor in place at the bottom. From here you can continue on to a small prison area where the cells are broken. As before, search through the cells to find the Spoils of War Artifact.

Once you’re done on your collection spree, why not check out one of our boss guides? It won’t be long before you face off against the Dark Elf King Svartaljofurr so be sure to make use of our guide. We’ll have more Artifact guides up for you soon!

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