Sony to drop free PS3 and Vita games from PlayStation Plus subscriptions

It'll offer PS4 games only from March 2019.

One of the key selling points of Sony's monthly PlayStation Plus subscription, apart from the ability to play online, is the monthly offering of free games to download and keep for as long as your subscription remains active. Titles have always been a mixture of PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita games, but that's going to change.

"After 8 March 2019, the Monthly Games provided to PlayStation Plus members will no longer include PS3 or PS Vita titles" says an email sent to PlayStation Plus members today. No reason is given for the change, but presumably the number of people taking advantage of those titles has dropped below the level where it makes sense to offer them.

The news also comes in the same week that Sony announced it would no longer be producing the physical cards on which Vita games are stored. Games will still be released digitally for the handheld - such as indie hit Stardew Valley - but it seems the writing is on the wall for these legacy platforms.

The good news is that any PS3 or Vita games you've downloaded, or added to your Download List, as part of your Plus subscription will still remain playable for the duration of your membership.

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