Players Can Get the T-44-100 For Free in World of Tanks

World of Tanks is offering a special event where you can unlock the T-44-100 for free

Starting September 1st and ending October 3rd, World of Tanks is giving users the opportunity to unlock the T-44-100, a tank that has never been offered, completely for free.

How To Get the T-44-100 for Free

In order to unlock the T-44-100 Tier 8 USSR Medium tank for free, you will need to destroy 150 enemies and deal 150,000 points of damage in each of the eight nations in World of Tanks, resulting in 1,200 kills and 1,200,000 damage in total.

The nations that you will need to achieve these kills and damage points in are the USSR, Germany, USA, France, UK, China, Japan, and Czech nations. Players only have 33 days to complete this herculean task which equates to roughly 37,000 damage and almost 37 kills per day.

For each nation that you complete this challenge, you will receive a token. After receiving each nations’ tokens, you will gain access to the T-44-100. Thankfully, these tokens can also be purchased for $8.99 USD per nation.

If you’ve not yet finished accruing all kills and damage by the end of September, you can purchase the nation’s token you’re missing. This is a useful option for those players who run out of time or just aren’t able to put in the necessary hours to achieve this challenge but still want to get their hands on the T-44-100. Alternatively, you can purchase a pack containing all the tokens for $58.99 USD, which will unlock the T-44-100 without needing to grind through every nation.

The T-44-100 utilizes a four-man crew consisting of a Commander, Driver, Gunner, and Loader. Unlike the T-44 tank, the T-44-100 houses a 100 mm LB-1 gun mounted in a new turret and boasts slat side armor. The T-44-100 is a Premium vehicle, meaning it will earn more credits and experience per battle. Check back here for our review of the World of Tanks T-44-100 in the near future.

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