M46 Patton KR Specials Available in the EU Premium Shop

Buy discounted M46 bundles for a limited time in World of Tanks.

World of Tanks European site has chosen the M46 Patton KR as its featured Tier 8 tank of the week. As a result, several discounted M46 Patton KR bundle packages are on sale in the EU Premium Shop for a limited time. These special offers will be available until September 27th, ending at 7:00 CST.

The M46 Patton KR is a Tier 8 American Premium medium tank with a good view range and decent damage values. This tank is notable for its quirky custom paint job that features a fierce tiger-stripe pattern inspired by Korean paint schemes from the fifties. Keep in mind that the camouflage on the M46 Patton KR cannot be changed or replaced. To make up for this, the vehicle will still have a permanent concealment boost that applies in all three environment types. You’re basically getting the benefits of three different environmental camo patterns as soon as you purchase the tank. 

M46 Patton KR Premium Medium Tank

Along with its concealment boost values, players who use the M46 Patton KR benefit from it being a Premium tank. This means it offers 50% more crew experience and additional combat experience per battle. It can also accommodate any American medium tank crew without needing to retrain them. 

Depending on the tank bundle purchased, players will receive special missions that pertain to the M46 Patton KR. These missions are only available as a part of the Ultimate and Supreme bundles for this vehicle, and the missions must be completed before October 30th. The missions reward x5 Experience for each battle won, under the condition that the player uses the M46 Patton KR and places within the top 10 players on their team based on experience earned. 

If you’re looking for a new medium tank that will earn you more credits and has a beastly paint job to boot, then be sure to pick up these M46 Patton KR specials before they’re gone from the Premium Shop.


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