Wargaming Store Gets New Merchandise

Buy gaming gear and collectibles at the new Wargaming online store.

The Wargaming Store had its digital grand opening last month, allowing fans to shop for gaming gear and apparel based on their favorite Wargaming titles. The Wargaming Store has recently added several new items to their stock, including special achievement coins and buildable toy brick tank models. 

The achievement coins are part of the official World of Tanks Medal Coin series. These coins are modeled off of the various achievement medals seen in the game. The coins are made of zinc alloy, and cost around €20 each. These high quality coins are official products from the game, and are likely worth the price. 

Several new tanks have also become available as a part of the Cobi and Italeri buildable toy model kits within the store. These toy sets allow you to assemble tank replicas out of toy building blocks, similar to the ones you had as a kid. The Cobi brick toy sets include models for the Panther G, M24 Chaffee, IS-2, and even a diorama set of Himmelsdorf.  The brick model sets vary in price, depending on the type of tank chosen. 

The Wargaming Store also features various accessories, hardware, and apparel items based on World of Tanks, World of Warships, Master of Orion, and the Wargaming League. The Official World of Tanks Commander Guide Book can also be purchased from the site, but is currently out of stock. 

Keep in mind that along with the European Wargaming store, there are several region-specific online stores to choose from, including ones for Germany, Poland, and the United Kingdom, which can affect the pricing of the available merchandise. Make sure you are on the correct website for your region to ensure your transactions are in the correct currency. There doesn’t seem to be a regional store for North America just yet, but perhaps Wargaming will work towards opening an NA branch in the future.



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