Turning To The Community For Help

Reddit is an excellent place for receiving assistance

World of Tanks is a notoriously in-depth and time-consuming game that delivers a tank experience you will not find elsewhere. With highly detailed and well-crafted armored vehicles, a system that provides longevity through milestones, and a community that is always willing to help, it’s no surprise that new users can feel comfortable turning to online resources to help them with any problems they might face.

A new World of Tanks player who goes by the Reddit name try2tame has reached out to the Reddit community to aid the decision-making process of where to go next. In their thread, try2tame goes over the details of their World of Tanks career, including information regarding the amount of games they’ve played, the different national lines they’ve gone down and even the Premium tanks they own. But at 1,200 games, they’re still relatively new and looking for some input on the age-old question: what do I focus on?

Try2tame, and many others like them, often come to the same problem of whether to focus on a single line or split their attention among many. This is a problem not easily solved by new players as reaching Tier 10 seems like the main goal in the game despite all tier levels being acceptable places to stop.

Reddit user who goes by the name of andskotanshalfviti suggests that higher tiers can be extremely different to lower tiers, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying to progress further. However, as this user suggests, it’s often a good idea to stick with a single tank line in order to grow more comfortable with those types of tanks before branching out. As we suggested in our Tank Lines guide, it’s a good idea to start with the British Medium tanks as these will help new players decide what tank type they prefer, whether they want to focus on the heavy hitting tanks or the more agile armored vehicles. Whatever a new player’s decision might be, they can always feel comfortable turning to the community for help.

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