How to Participate in Tank Rewards Events

An overview of how Tank Rewards events work and how to participate in them. 

Tank Rewards events are a great way to earn free goodies in World of Tanks. This guide will explain how Tank Rewards missions work so that players can participate in these recurring missions and start earning prizes in World of Tanks. features themed missions that allow players to earn points and unlock prizes every month in World of Tanks. The exact details of each event may vary from month to month, but the overall structure remains the same: play World of Tanks, complete active missions, and accumulate points to redeem for prizes. 

Tank Rewards Missions

Near the beginning of each month, a new Tank Rewards theme is announced and a series of daily, weekly, or platoon missions become available. Tank Rewards events don't necessarily follow the calendar month. For example, an event that begins in March may continue into the first week of April.

Tank Rewards missions can be found on or on the in-game client under the Missions tab, along with a breakdown of requirements for each mission and additional rewards. Each mission type rewards a certain number of points, and players can only complete missions that are active. will feature new Active missions each month to complete for prizes in World of Tanks.

Tank Rewards missions require the use of Tier 4 tanks or higher, and may include other mission restrictions. Some weekly missions may require using tanks of specific nations or types as well. You can see what sorts of prizes are available for each active mission on the Tank Rewards Missions page, as well as on the World of Tanks game client. 

Tracking Your Tank Rewards Points

At the end of each month, Wargaming will tally up the Tank Rewards points you have accumulated on your account throughout the event. If you have earned enough points to unlock a prize, you will be notified to select your rewards from the website soon after the event ends.

Completing one Tank Rewards mission grants one point. If you want to stay on top of your progress, you can track your points via the World of Tanks game client. Under the Missions tab in the Garage, you can see your mission progress for each available Tank Rewards mission, along with its specific conditions and requirements.

The progress bar next to a mission shows how much you have left before the mission is completed, while the counter icon indicates the number of times you have completed a mission for those that can be completed multiple times. 

Track your Tank Rewards mission progress within the Missions tab in-game.

Tank Rewards Prizes

Prizes are organized into levels based on point values. For example, Level 1 requires 10 points, and will have a corresponding list of possible prizes for that level. Prize levels are also cumulative, meaning if you earn enough points for Level 3, you will also earn rewards from Levels 1 and 2.

Prizes listed as “Random Draw” will randomly reward one of the listed prizes in that prize level. All other prize levels allow the player to choose their reward from the items listed within that prize level. To claim your Tank Rewards prizes, log into the Tank Rewards website with your Wargaming account.

Tank Rewards prizes are organized by levels based on points. 

If you earned enough points at the end of an event, you'll see your rewards listed under the Rewards section on the main Tank Rewards page about a week after an event ends. From here, you can select which prizes you want depending on the reward level achieved.

Players have a limited time to claim their rewards after the Tank Rewards missions end for the month. If you don't select your prizes within the alotted time frame, you will receive the first prize listed under each level that you qualify for. Prizes can take up to 1-2 business days to show up in your World of Tanks account.

There’s new Tank Rewards event themes and missions each month, so be sure to check regularly for the most current event details. Now that you know how to participate in Tank Rewards events, you can start accumulating points and earning prizes for Tank Rewards missions in World of Tanks!


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