World of Tanks Advent Calendar Offers AC 4 Experimental Ultimate Bundle

Grab the bundle while you can.

Wargaming is continuing its 24 days of holiday advent calendar deals with a new 24-hour bundle which offers a discounted price on the AC 4 Experimental Ultimate bundle.

The bundle is normally priced at $62.97 but for the next 16 hours it can be had for $49.99. In addition to the AC 4 Experimental tier IV Australian Premium tank, the bundle also includes a 100% trained crew, a unique tank camo and emblems, a bonus garage slot, a Gun Rammer mod, an Improved Ventilation mod, an Enhanced Gun Laying Drive mod, 2,700 gold, and 2,500,000 credits.

Once the 24-hour time limit is up, the AC 4 Experimental Ultimate bundle will be replaced by a brand new bundle so be sure to act fast if you want to add it to your garage at a reduced price.

You can find the official Premium Shop entry for the advent calendar AC 4 Experimental Ultimate bundle here. Going by the bundle’s advent calendar entry, it looks like there isn’t a piece of the special holiday bonus code which was included in the first day’s bundle. There are still seven more pieces of the code to be revealed so keep checking back in each day, you might even find a deal you like!



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