World of Tanks Reddit PSA: Increase the Size of Your Mini-Map

It can make all the difference.

There’s no denying that World of Tanks is a complex game, one that can be a little hard for newer players to acclimate themselves to in a timely fashion. However, there’s one thing which can certainly help players improve their World of Tanks skills.

Posted to the World of Tanks subreddit by Redditor nirvanarchist, they feel one thing players should be more aware of is how to increase the size of your in-game mini-map. According to nirvanarchist, they’ve apparently run into several teammates who still roll with the default mini-map. A mini-map which they claim is way too small to be useful.

For comparison’s sake, nirvanarchist provides two images, one that shows the mini-map’s default size, and one with the size they set it to when playing.

As nirvanarchist points out, increasing the size of your mini-map is as easy as pressing the + key on your keyboard. It’s an important setting adjustment for a multitude of reasons (not least of which being the fact that it shows you the positions of both teammates and spotted enemies). If you’re struggling to properly flank enemies, protect your own flanks, identify viable paths of retreat, or simply navigate a given map’s terrain, increasing the size of your mini-map could be just the solution you need.

For more on how to get better at using World of Tanks' mini-map, be sure to read our TankWarRoom Tip of the Week on mini-map basics.



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