World of Tanks Contest Offers In-Game Prizes for Creative Fan Content

For the more artistic amongst the World of Tanks community.

Wargaming is continuing its monthly call for creative fan-made content and is offering a pretty enticing in-game prize to the person with the top submission.

The monthly contest allows World of Tanks fans to submit any form of creative tank-themed content be it a drawing, video, custom tank skin, sculpture, LEGO build, or virtually any other form of artistic expression which features a tank.

Submissions for December are now open and all a potential entrant has to do to enter is send their creation to the email address The winner will receive an AMX M4 Mle. 49 Liberte Premium tank.

While creating your entry, be sure to snap some work-in-progress pictures since they are one of the things you must include with your submission (in order to prove you actually made whatever it is you’re submitting).

Along with the work-in-progress pictures and the actual submission, you also have to include your World of Tanks player name and a title for your work. This contest post on the World of Tanks website doesn’t say exactly when the submission period ends but it is assumed it is once the month of December is over so be sure to get your submissions in sooner rather than later.

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