Take a Look at These New Xbox One Controller Colors

The new olive green controller is of particular interest.

Microsoft recently announced two brand new color options for the basic wireless Xbox One controller, and one of the new colors looks like it would be the perfect fit for a World of Tanks enthusiast.

The first color scheme covers the entire top of the controller in a soft red and—as you can see in the below image—that red color applies to everything including the controller faceplate, the analog sticks, and even the A, X, B, and Y face buttons. Essentially, a small indicator located at the center of the circle the buttons make shows each button’s usual colors in case you need reminding while playing a game.

Meanwhile, the second color scheme coats the controller, buttons, and sticks in an olive green finish, though it also sports a bit of orange on the back of the sticks as an accent color. The olive/orange design is most likely meant as a tribute to Microsoft’s Halo series (Halo protagonist Master Chief sports olive green armor and an orange helmet visor), but olive green also tends to be a pretty widely used military color, so the controller would feel equally appropriate while playing World of Tanks.

Both controller colors cost $64.99 and you can purchase the red controller now via the Microsoft Store. The green/orange controller is currently available for pre-order and will be released on January 24th.

Meanwhile, over in Sony’s neck of the woods, the PlayStation 4 Slim will soon be getting a glacier white variant.  


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