World of Warships Santas Wanted Event Gets Extended

More time has been granted to spread some holiday cheer.

The World of Warships Santas Wanted event was supposed to end yesterday, January 10th, but Wargaming has decided to extend the event, giving players more time to buy their friends (or themselves) some fun holiday gifts.

If you’re not familiar with how the Santas Wanted event works, here’s a quick run-down: you simply visit this page and select gifts that you want to buy. There’s three tiers of gift boxes ($1, $3, and $5) and each box has a chance of containing in-game items such as Doubloons, Signal Flags, camos, and even Premium Ships (pricier boxes naturally have a bigger chance of containing rarer items).

Once you’ve picked the types of boxes you want to buy and the quantity, you then choose whether you want to give the boxes to your World of Warships friends or to yourself. For a full list of the potential items you can get from each box, head here.

Now is a great time to stock up on holiday boxes and the items they contain since World of Warships’ second public test for the upcoming 0.6.0 update went live today.



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