World of Tanks Corsair Steampunk Design-a-Tank Contest Now Live

Win a Corsair keyboard and other prizes for your best tank designs.

Wargaming has kicked off another round of its steampunk-themed Design-a-Tank contests for World of Tanks, and once again prizes such as Corsair Strafe series keyboards are up for grabs.

Potential contest participants can either hand-draw or digitally create their custom steampunk tanks before submitting an image of their creation to this forum post in either a JPEG, PNG, or GIF format.

Entries must be submitted no later than 12 p.m. PST (3 p.m. EST) on January 31st. The top three selected entries will receive a Corsair Strafe keyboard, while the three runner-ups will each receive 750 in-game gold and seven days of Premium account time.

The full rules can be found below:

  • Design and create your own tank.
  • Entries may be hand drawn or digitally rendered.
  • Design must incorporate steampunk elements.
  • Entry must be created exclusively for this contest.
  • Entry must include your in-game name.
  • You may write up a short story about your tank, history, and/or design concepts to support your design.
  • The design must resemble a tank in some way; it needs to be immediately recognizable as a tank, SPG or tank destroyer.
  • Entries will be judged or creativity and adherence to the rules.

If you’re curious about the Corsair series of gaming keyboards, be sure to read its entry in our guide to the best gaming keyboards of 2017.



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