Wargaming is Helping to Reprint R.P. Hunnicutt's Book 'Firepower'

Own the definitive guide to the history of heavy tanks.

Way back in the year 1988 (the same year in which I happened to be born), famed military historian and author Richard Pearce Hunnicutt published a book called Firepower: A History of the Heavy American Tank. Despite its quick rise in popularity—and the fact that it is still relevant nearly 30 years later—the book’s original release was limited to a single run.

This means that finding a physical copy for sale nowadays is quite difficult (not to mention how hard it is to track one down that isn’t exorbitantly priced). Fortunately, Wargaming is teaming up with Echo Point Books to reprint a special World of Tanks version of Firepower, which fans can pre-order right now.

According to Wargaming, the new World of Tanks reprint of Firepower contains all 200 pages of the original release, pages which are filled with text descriptions, diagrams, and illustrations that tell the story behind the history of the American heavy tank.

The new World of Tanks reprint also contains special bonuses such as a forward from the head of Wargaming, brand new images scanned in from the national archive, and a download code which can be redeemed for special items in the PC version of World of Tanks.

Much like the original release of Firepower, this new version will only be around for a single print run, which will last for about six to eight weeks. A final release date hasn’t been announced yet, but if you want to secure your copy, you can do so over at Echo Point’s website for $52.99.



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