Redditors Discuss the Current State of German Medium Tanks

Many feel they could use some work.

With a name like World of Tanks, it’s not surprising that there are numerous different tanks to choose from. As large as World of Tanks developer Wargaming is, keeping the entire breadth of drivable tanks more or less balanced in terms of gameplay is a constant struggle.

However, some Redditors feel that there’s one line of tanks in particular which are in need of some serious attention from Wargaming—German medium tanks.

Redditor Thanatos0403 recently posted this discussion thread on the World of Tanks subreddit in the hopes that it would serve as a hub for all discussions relating to German medium tanks. In the thread, the following German medium tank issues are outlined:

  • The Leopard 1's growing irrelevance in the sniping role with the ridiculous bloom of it's gun and the introduction of superior snipers in the meta, particularly the Grille 15.
  • The inability of the E50M to perform on par with it's Tier 10 medium tank peers in regards to its DPM which severely handicaps it in brawling, one of the roles it is best at.
  • The E50M's unacceptably weak turret face, which can be penetrated by Tier 7 tanks and detracts from the overall value of the E50M's armor, making side-scraping safely almost impossible and peeking ridges dangerous at best, activities that other Tier 10 mediums perform effectively with ease.

Thanatos0403 ended their original post by saying that they feel German medium tanks have slowly lost their competitive relevance over time due to the game’s evolving meta and the fact that it has been quite some time since Wargaming updated the German medium tank line.

The original post has since garnered quite a few comments, with some agreeing with Thanatos0403’s points and others arguing that good positioning and proper planning can solve the above issues.

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