The Chinese New Year Brings Discounts, Missions, and More to World of Tanks

New bundles and missions will be available into early February.

While the Chinese New Year doesn’t officially begin until January 28th, Wargaming is kicking off the celebrations early with a plethora of World of Tanks bonuses which are all in honor of the upcoming Year of the Rooster.

As of the time of this writing, two new M4 Improved Premium tank bundles are now available and will remain so until February 6th. The bundles are as follows:

M4 Improved Bundle - $9.99

  • M4 Improved Premium Tank
  • Bonus Garage Slot

M4 Improved Ultimate Bundle - $29.99

  • M4 Improved Premium Tank
  • Bonus Garage Slot
  • Improved Ventilation Mod
  • Gun Rammer Mod
  • Coated Optics Mod
  • 2,500 Gold
  • 500,000 Credits

Starting today and also lasting until February 6th, Tank Mastery missions for the following tanks are also available:

  • 113
  • T54E1
  • MT-25
  • M4 Improved
  • AMX AC mle. 46

And lastly, from today until January 30th, all World of Tanks players will receive three times the normal XP amounts for their daily first victory and the price to retrain your crew using either gold or credits has been reduced by 50 percent. This special weekend bonus also reduces the credit price of Chinese tanks by the following amounts based on a tank’s tier:

  • 50 percent off for tiers II-V
  • 30 percent off for tiers VI-VII
  • 15 percent off for tiers VIII-X

For more on World of Tanks, be sure to read our guide on the different types of XP you can earn and what each type does.


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