Wargaming Outlines Features for World of Tanks' 9.17.1 Update

The update is now in its Supertest phase.

The 9.17.1 update for World of Tanks is slowly coming together and now Wargaming is offering fans a look at what the update will contain.

According to this new post on the World of Tanks website, update 9.17.1 is now in its “Supertest” phase, which means that it’s still in the early stages of development but that it’s also in a stable enough state that Wargaming expects it to launch in about a month and a half (which means it will ideally be released sometime in March). The list of included features which Wargaming is planning to include in update 9.17.1 are as follows:

  • Major revisions for the American, Japanese, and German tank tech trees. These revisions include brand new tanks for the German tree as well as revisions to existing tanks for all three trees.
  • Balance tweaks for tanks such as the T110E5, Centurion Mk. 1, FV4202, and more.
  • Improvements for the game’s Damage Log system.
  • An expanded Vehicle Comparison system which allows players to pick two different vehicles and compare parameters such as mounted equipment, crew skills, consumables, and more.
  • A tweaked version of the simple tech characteristics system which will better allow players to see at-a-glance how viable a given tank is for their playstyle.
  • A revamped Strongholds system which puts less pressure on defenders.
  • The ability for modders to use official sound files from the game in their mods, allowing for a more customizable audio experience.
  • Revamped mini-map art for the following maps: Training Area, Overlord, Stalingrad, Sacred Valley, and Fiery Salient.

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