World of Tanks Blitz New Moon Event is Now Live

Earn two new dragon-themed tanks while the event is active

To celebrate the beginning of the Chinese New Year, Wargaming is kicking off a special event in World of Tanks Blitz which allows players to earn two special limited-edition tanks.

As part of the New Moon event, two tanks are up for grabs: the fire-themed Blaze WZ tier VII tank destroyer and the ice-themed Glacial 112 tier VIII heavy tank. Both tanks feature a stylized dragon decoration and a unique theme-appropriate paint job. To earn the new tanks, players must complete ascending stages of the event’s two parallel marathon tracks by earning two new types of currency, Dragon Fangs and Lunar Charms.

Dragon Fangs are earned by completing missions (higher tier missions award more Fangs) and one Lunar Charm is granted for each XP point earned in combat (which means that Premium accounts earn Charms at a +50 percent rate).

The time period for earning Lunar Charms and Dragon Fangs begins today and runs until February 10. If you still haven’t completed certain marathon stages by February 10th, you can use gold to make up the difference until February 17th. A teaser trailer for the New Moon event can be found below.

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