For Honor - How to Execute Enemies

Learning how to execute enemies is one of the best ways to claim victory in For Honor.

In For Honor, executing your opponents is one of the best strategies to use when it comes to maintaining map control. Not only do executions look cool, they're also a key element when it comes to winning a match. For the best chance at victory, read on to learn how to properly execute enemies in For Honor. 

How to Execute Enemies

To execute an enemy in For Honor, whittle their health down until you're able to kill them in a single hit. Deliver the final blow using a Heavy Attack to initiate the execution quick time event. You'll know the quick-time-event has started when your weapon becomes lodged in the enemy.

After your Heavy Attack hits, you'll be able to execute your opponent by pressing one of two buttons, each of which deals a different execution. On the Xbox One, you can use either X or Y to execute an enemy. On the PlayStation 4, an execution can be performed using Square and Triangle.

While playing as one of the best characters in For Honor will improve your chances of winning, all characters are able to perform executions, even the slower-moving character like the Warlord.

Importance of Executing Enemies

By executing enemies in For Honor, you will increase the points you earn, as well as prevent them from respawning for longer.
By executing enemies in For Honor, you not only increase the points you earn, you also prolong the respawn time of your opponent.

There are several benefits to performing an execution on an enemy player. First, executing enemies will net your team more points, which is important when it comes to winning a match.

Second, executed players receive a penalty increasing their respawn time and cannot be revived. Reviving a player in For Honor is extremely important as it helps teams stick together, by removing this option with an execution, you're able to temporarily weaken the enemy's team.

Executing enemies can be challenging at first, but if you watch for openings and seize the opportunity to crush your opponents, you'll quickly become an unstoppable force in For Honor. By reading this guide, you should now know how to execute enemies in For Honor.

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