For Honor - How to Revive Friends

Learn how to revive your friends to get them back into the fight in For Honor!

In For Honor, knowing how to revive your friends is important when it comes to avoiding long respawn times and keeping your team together. While the revive mechanic can be confusing at first, it's relatively simple once you get the hang of it. Read on to learn how to properly revive friends in For Honor. 

How to Revive Friends

Survey the battlefield for fallen friends, and if it's safe, proceed to their body and revive them to keep the fight going!
Survey the battlefield for fallen friends, wait until it's safe, then head over and revive them.

The most important skill to learn in For Honor is how to revive friends. After a teammate goes down, check your HUD to ensure the icon displayed above their name is a white Health/Plus icon. If so, survey the area for enemies before making your way over to where their body is located. 

When you reach your downed teammate, you will need to hold down a specific button in order to revive your friend. The button is B for Xbox One players and Circle for PlayStation 4 players. Be sure to scan the area for enemies before heading over to your friend, as the revive process will cancel whenever you take damage. 

Reviving a friend in For Honor is important, not only because you'll have more teammates on your side, but also because it help level up your Feats during a match. If you’re the one down on the ground in need of a revive, you can press the Left Bumper on Xbox One or L1 on PS4 to let your friends know you need assistance. 

Friend Cannot be Revived

There are some situations in For Honor where a friend cannot be revived. You will know a friend cannot be revived if they have a red skull icon over their body. Do not bother approaching their position, as you won’t be able to revive them.

The reason a friend cannot be revived in For Honor is if the enemy they were fighting killed them using an execution finishing move. Any player who dies by execution will be unable to be revived and will incur a respawn penalty. 

This is why it’s so important to learn how to execute in For Honor. It’s a simple skill, but one which can greatly increase your chances of winning by removing an enemy from the battlefield for a limited period of time.

Improve Your Revives

There are different ways to improve how you revive friends. Look for new pieces of armor that increase the speed at which you revive to help you get your team back together faster!
There are different ways to improve how you revive friends including special armor which increases your revive speed.

Upgrading your character with new armor and weapons isn’t just for fun, it also makes you more powerful. Improving your armor will greatly improve how you revive your friends in For Honor.

For example, certain pieces of armor allow you to revive your friends faster. This is extremely handy because, as mentioned before, receiving any damage from an enemy player will cancel the revive animation.

Reviving your friends in For Honor is an important strategy. It helps you keep the fight going, improves teamwork, and even helps you unlock Feats. Whenever you attempt to revive a friend, be sure the area around them is clear of enemies to avoid getting hit, which cancels the revive. If you read this guide, you should now know how to revive friends in For Honor.

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