World of Tanks eBook Series Comes With Special Promotions

Exclusive bonuses await those who buy both books.

Wargaming is launching a series of World of Tanks eBooks for the first time in the United States, and those who purchase both books in the initial launch can earn themselves some pretty cool extras.

As part of the initial launch, there are two eBooks in total, one which covers the SU-152 tank and another which looks at the T-34 tank. Here’s an official description of both books straight from Wargaming:

“In The SU-152 and Related Vehicles, learn about the design and evolution of the legendary self-propelled gun on the KV chassis, which includes many little-known prototypes and proposed alternates. The T-34 Goes to War chronicles the true story of the celebrated medium tank from its troubled conception to its first desperate combat actions in the cauldron of Barbarossa. Both books have rich illustrations, photos, blueprints, and cutaway diagrams.”

Both eBooks can be purchased now for a discounted price of $12.50 apiece (or $25 for both). Those who buy both books at once before March 31st will also receive some bonuses including a free PDF tutorial reference guide for the SU-152 and a coupon which can be redeemed to earn free shipping on the physical hardcover editions of the two books (the physical editions are expected to become available sometime in April).

Each of the physical hardcover editions will contain a special code for World of Tanks which can be redeemed to earn $15 worth of in-game items.

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