The Apocalypse Now Game Gets A Dedicated Crowdfunding Website

The Kickstarter campaign has been canceled.

After initially attempting to raise funds for an Apocalypse Now – The Game project through Kickstarter, developer American Zoetrope has decided to cancel the Kickstarter campaign in favor of a dedicated crowdfunding website.

Over on the new website,, American Zoetrope is asking for $5,900,000, which is basically a combination of the original Kickstarter amount ($900,000) plus the amount linked to the game’s final $5,000,000 stretch goal (a bonus campaign which allows the player to take direct command of Colonel Kurt’s army).

The new crowdfunding website has all of the same backer tiers as the Kickstarter campaign in addition to extra tiers which now extend all the way up to a staggering $1,000,000 (the Kickstarter campaign only had tiers extending up to $10,000).

No new stretch goals have been announced, though American Zoetrope is extending a special offer to those who contributed to the now canceled Kickstarter campaign—if a former Kickstarter backer contributes to the new crowdfunding campaign, they’ll receive a pledge tier upgrade for free.

For example, if someone pledges to the new campaign at the $50 tier and they previously contributed to the Kickstarter campaign, their new pledge will be upgraded to the $65 tier at no additional charge.

American Zoetrope is still aiming for a 2020 release of Apocalypse Now – The Game should it be successfully funded. The new crowdfunding campaign is set to last for another 458 days and currently sits at just under $68,000 raised. 


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