Horizon: Zero Dawn - Best Weapons in the Game

Get these best weapons in Horizon: Zero Dawn as soon as you can!

There are a lot of weapons to use in Horizon: Zero Dawn, but you will want to use the best weapons in the game. The gear in Horizon: Zero Dawn is broken up into different levels of rarity, Uncommon, Rare, and Very Rare. We’ll be focusing on the Very Rare items as they are  undoubtedly the best weapons in the game.

How to Get the Best Weapon

Once you reach Meridian, you will be able to purchase the best weapons in Horizon: Zero Dawn. You will reach Meridian once you complete the quest, The City of the Sun. The weapons in Meridian allow Aloy to use different ammo types, making her a better killer. You should also think about unlocking the Tinker skill as it allows Aloy to unmount modifications for later use. While Tinker isn’t one of the first skills you should unlock in Horizon: Zero Dawn, it’s worth pursuing if you want to improve your weapons.

Shadow Sling

The Shadow Sling is one of the best weapons in Horizon: Zero Dawn, especially if you’ve been using the Ropecaster. The Shadow Sling can shoot Freeze, Shock, and Fire bombs, all of which deal a whole heap of damage. The Shadow Sling isn’t cheap though, setting you back 650 Metal Shards and 1 Crystal Braiding.

Shadow Blast Sling

Though it’s extremely expensive, the Shadow Blast Sling offers excellent area-of-effect damage and high amounts of initial damage. The Shadow Blast Sling can fire Blast, Proximity, and Sticking Bombs. You will need to save up your resources as the Shadow Blast Sling costs 1,400 Metal Shards and 1 Lancehorn Heart.

Shadow Ropecaster

The Shadow Ropecaster couples well with the Sling as it lets you tie enemies down, giving you a moment to breath. While not as expensive as the Shadow Sling, the Shadow Ropecaster will set you back 500 Metal Shards and 1 Snapmaw Heart.

Shadow Hunter Bow

Offering fast rate-of-fire and reload times, this bow is one of the best weapons in the game. The Shadow Hunter Bow fires Hunter, Hardpoint, and Fire Arrows, making it an especially deadly weapon. It’s fairly easy to purchase as it only costs 650 Metal Shards and 1 Watcher Heart.

Shadow Sharpshot

This long draw time and slow reloading bow allows you to fire Precision, Tearblast, and Harvest arrows, so it’s well worth purchasing the Shadow Sharpshot if you’re looking for the best weapons in Horizon: Zero Dawn. To purchase the Shadow Sharpshot, you will need 800 Metal Shards and 1 Sawtooth Heart.

Shadow Tripcaster

The sneaky Aloy player will enjoy the Shadow Tripcaster as it allows you to set up traps and offers three modification slots. To purchase the Shadow Tripcaster you will need 750 Metal Shards and 1 Scrapper Heart.

Shadow Rattler

Finally, the Shadow Rattler is one of the best weapons in Horizon: Zero Dawn as it offers an extremely high rate-of-fire while firing Metal, Shock, and Freeze Bolts. But the Shadow Rattler is rather pricing, coming in at 950 Metal Shards, 1 Boar Skin, 1 Rabbit Skin, and 1 Fox Skin.

While you’re purchasing the best weapons in the game, you can also purchase an item in Meridian that will help you fast travel in Horizon: Zero Dawn. These weapons will help you become the ultimate hunting and killing machine. If you followed this guide, you should now know what are the best weapons in Horizon: Zero Dawn.

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