Horizon: Zero Dawn - How to Fast Travel

Get around the map quicker by learning how to fast travel in Horizon: Zero Dawn.

This guide will teach you how to fast travel in Horizon: Zero Dawn, so you won’t have to walk or ride from one end of the map to another! The map in Horizon: Zero Dawn is huge, so it’s understandable that you don’t want to waste time trudging along when you could simply fast travel!

How to Fast Travel

Learning how to Fast Travel in Horizon: Zero Dawn is rather simple and requires only two things. The first thing you must do is discover Campfires or Settlements. These locations, once known, will be marked on your map in green. You can then fast travel to these spots by selecting them and pressing R2.

However, before you actually zip off and fast travel in Horizon: Zero Dawn, you will need to get your hands on Fast Travel Packs. These items are rewarded upon completing a quest or can be purchased. While they are plentiful, they also take up precious slots in your backpack. Remember, one Horizon: Zero Dawn tip is to upgrade your storage whenever possible. Once you have Fast Travel Packs, you will be able to use them to fast travel in Horizon: Zero Dawn.

Where to Purchase Fast Travel Packs

Fast Travel Packs will cost you several resources, some of which are necessary when crafting ammunitions. In order to purchase a Fast Travel Pack from a merchant, you will need 2 Metal Shards, 15 Ridge-Wood, and 1 Rich Meat. One of the skills you should unlock first in Horizon: Zero Dawn to help you easily collect resources is the Quiet Sprint as it will help you run around collecting without drawing the attention of enemies.

This can be troublesome when first starting out, as these resources are used to craft other important items like ammunition for Aloy’s bow as well as for trading. Thankfully, you won’t have to purchase Fast Travel Packs forever as there is a way to get unlimited fast travels in Horizon: Zero Dawn.

Now that you know how to craft, purchase, and earn Fast Travel Packs, you will be able to fast travel between campfires and settlements you've discovered. No more walking around the map for you! If you read this guide, you should now know how to fast travel in Horizon: Zero Dawn.

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