How to Get Premium Tanks for Free in World of Tanks

Learn some of the ways you can earn a Premium tank for free.

One of the most enjoyable aspects in World of Tanks are the Premium tanks, but for some new players, a Premium tank is an expensive investment they might not enjoy. Thankfully, there are many ways a player can get a Premium tank for free, so long as they’re willing to put in some work.

Below, we've listed some of the ways you can earn yourself a Premium tank in World of Tanks without using Gold. Premium tanks serve an important purpose, which is why you should always seize the opportunity to expand your collection, especially if you can do so without spending your hard-earned money..


Participating in the TankRewards event is an excellent way to get your hands on a Premium tank for free.

One of the most frequent and reliable ways to get Premium tanks for free in World of Tanks is to participate in the TankRewards event that happens each month. TankRewards provides in-game missions that can be completed a certain amount of times.

Each time you complete the mission, you receive one TankRewards point. At the end of an event, you can trade your TankRewards points for prizes. As you can see in the above image, even Level 1 will grant you a Premium tank for free, but the real prize awaits at the bottom of the list with the E 25, one of the tanks we want brought back to World of Tanks. Earn enough points and you'll be able to claim this Premium tank without spending a dime!

On Track

The “On Track” World of Tanks events are another avenue that can lead to a free Premium tank. On Track is a two-week event that highlights tanks including some of the best German tank lines in World of Tanks. Any tank line featured in the On Track event receives discounts to all of its tanks, from Tier 1 all the way to Tier 10. 

This allows new players (and some veterans) to purchase tanks with greater ease. There are also Missions associated with the On Track event that all tanks in the line can help complete. One such Mission is to get 25,000 XP using the tanks in the On Track line. After completing the Mission, you can finish it again up to ten times, at which point you will receive a Premium Light Tank!

Invite Codes

Use our TankWarRoom invite code to receive your very own M22 Locust. Invite Code: TNKWARROOM
Use our TankWarRoom invite code to receive your very own M22 Locust. Invite Code: TNKWARROOM

Another way to earn a Premium tank for free in World of Tanks is to use an Invite Code. While this doesn't apply to players who already have an account, it can be good if you want to get friends involved in World of Tanks.

Any friend who is planning on creating an account should use an Invite Code to unlock a free Premium tank, as well as a few other rewards. We have our own Tank War Room Invite Code, which will net new players the M22 Locust, along with some other cool in-game items to get them started.

Stream Giveaways

Check out our stream at for a chance at a free Premium Tank.

This method of earning free Premium tanks is a little less guaranteed as it's based around luck. During broadcasts, some World of Tanks live streamers give viewers a chance to win Premium tanks. Larryn from TankWarRoom gives away Premium Tanks during almost every live stream, so head over to to find her schedule if you're interested.

We're not just here to push our own tomato-level live stream, however. There are many fantastic live streams that often give out prizes. One such example is Trobsmonkey, who we've observed giving out Gold during one of his broadcasts. We can't say what he'll give away, when, or how often, but we can tell you that he's among the best World of Tanks live streamers out there.

There's also the the official Wargaming channel on Twitch, which doesn't always have prizes, but is a good place to look when there are special events going down. Of course, you may have more competition due to popularity, but it's still an option.

Other Special Events

Throughout the year, all sorts of Special Events take place. Be sure to participate in order to earn a free Premium tank.

Finally, you can earn free Premium tanks in World of Tanks during special events, such as the Christmas Event 2016. In this event, players were able to collect Christmas tree and tank ornaments, and upon completing the first section of the event, Wargaming rewarded players with a free L-60, a Swedish Tier 2 Premium Light tank.

Though Premium tanks are usually only available by spending Gold or money, there are a few ways you can earn Premium tanks for free. These ways often take time and effort, but they’re ideal for players looking to unlock new tank lines, participate in events, and even get involved in the community.

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