Best Heavy Tanks for Noobs in World of Tanks

Several noob-friendly heavy tanks for the novice World of Tanks player.

In World of Tanks, the longer you can survive a battle, the better. Heavy tanks are considered to be the most noob-friendly tank type, as they have good survivability even at the hands of a newer player. Heavy tanks usually have thicker armor and more hit points, allowing them to sustain more punishment on the battlefield. 

We’ve created a list of the best Heavy tanks for newer players in World of Tanks. If you’re a World of Tanks noob who wants to begin using Heavy tanks, then this list is for you. 

Players can begin using Heavy tanks as early as Tier 3, but heavies below Tier 5 aren’t necessarily the most viable options for inexperienced players to use. Since it’s better for a new player to take the time to improve their competitive skills first before moving up to the higher tiers, we’ve chosen several mid-tier (Tiers 5-6) Heavy tanks for new players to work towards. Heavy tanks at Tiers 5-6 will help newer players get a feel for what Heavy tanks are capable of, while also remaining fairly accessible on the tech tree.


The KV-1 is likely the most noob-friendly Heavy tank in World of Tanks.

For a solid mid-tier Heavy tank, the KV-1 is an excellent choice for a novice World of Tanks player. This U.S.S.R. Tier 5 Heavy is perfect for newer players who often get punished for their aggressive play styles. This is also one of my personal favorites.

The KV-1 has great front and side armor that can bounce a lot of shots if you learn how to angle it appropriately. The turret armor is amazing once it’s upgraded as well. The KV-1 also has three guns to choose from that each have good qualities.

I personally prefer using the 85mm for its high damage and decent penetration, but you can stick with the 57mm for a faster rate of fire. The 122mm howitzer can be fun to use as well. The KV-1’s slower movement speed might take some getting used to, especially coming off of the T-28 Medium tank just before it. Stick with the KV-1 long enough to upgrade its modules though, and you won’t want to use another Heavy tank for a while.


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