Rainbow Six Siege Gets a Massive Mid-Season Reinforcements Patch

Operator changes, weapon balancing, and more are included in the patch.

Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege is an anomaly within the shooter genre in that it’s AAA tactical shooter experience that also puts a strong emphasis on realism.

Given its unique place in the shooter landscape, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that Rainbow Six Siege has proven popular enough to warrant a second full year of support from Ubisoft. Included in this support is the recently launched “Mid-Season Reinforcements” patch which contains a long laundry list of fixes and tweaks.

According to a press release from Ubisoft, the Mid-Season Reinforcements patch makes sweeping changes across the board. Although, players who favor certain playable operators will be especially happy to hear about the following patch changes:

  • Glaz’s unique weapon scope now provides enhanced thermal feedback, allowing him to more easily pick out enemy players from a distance, even when they’re obscured by smoke grenades.
  • Doc’s overheal has been bumped up to a maximum of 140, giving both him and his teammates enhanced survivability.
  • Twitch has received a new Elite tier skin which includes a unique outfit, headgear piece, charm, operator title, signature victory animation, and, for Twitch specifically, design for her shock drones.
  • Buck’s skeleton key gadget has received an extra shot, making him a more dangerous opponent to deal with as he switches between the gadget’s assault rifle and shotgun firing modes.

A full list of patch notes for the Mid-Season Reinforcements can be found here. Ubisoft’s 2017 content schedule for Rainbow Six Siege includes the release of six brand new playable operators, of which only two have been released so far.  



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