How Emoting Can Save Your Life In For Honor

Come see what really good luck looks like.

For Honor’s playerbase hasn’t exactly been happy with the exorbitant prices for some of its purchasable emotes, but now there’s at least one decent reason why some may worth their high price tags—they could just save your life.

Redditor TheRealCrayfish shared the GIF seen down below over on the For Honor subreddit. In it, you can see a player (TheRealCrayfish didn’t specify whether they are the one in the GIF) using the new “Flip Out” emote (which involves performing a backflip) to expertly dodge an enemy player’s weapon swing not once but twice:

It would seem that Ubisoft sought to make For Honor’s emotes as realistic as possible by ensuring there’s hitbox detection below the emoting player, allowing them to stylishly avoid an otherwise direct hit.

Of course, successfully pulling off such a maneuver requires an equal amount of luck, skill, and quick reflexes, making it something we don’t recommend you do often when in the middle of an actual For Honor match.

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